Paul Ryan Backs Herman Cain and Sim City

Yeah, Paul Ryan has come out in favor of the regressive Herman Cain 9-9-9 taxation reform plan.  Yeah, and the Cain folks are drooling at the thought of Paul Ryan as an integral part of a HErman Cain Administration.  From The Hill

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said Thursday that he “loves” Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan and sees the proposal as “specific and credible.”

“We need more bold ideas like this because it is specific and credible,” Ryan said in an interview with the Daily Caller. “I’m more of a flat-tax kind of a guy.”

Cain said Wednesday that he sees Ryan as the type of person he would want as a Vice Presidential nominee were he to win the Republican primary.

“I’ll give you a name, like representative Paul Ryan. I’m not saying he would be a V.P. pick. He might be. But that’s the type of person that I would want in my cabinet. He is the type of person,” said Cain on the Steve Gill Show.

Even the folks at the conservative Forbes Magazine are recognizing that Herman Cain got his plan from the video game Sim City.  No, we don’t need leaders who are informed by video games for adolescents, just as much as we don’t need Representatives such as Paul Ryan who is informed by the young adult fiction of Ayn Rand.  We need adults running this coutry. 

Get rid of Paul Ryan.  Elect Rob Zerban instead.


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5 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Backs Herman Cain and Sim City

    1. Yes, more electrified fences and renditions of Imagine No more Pizza will bring about global prosperity… Or not.

  1. America lost its AAA rating because Congressional Republicans made the possibility of her defaulting on her financial obligations frighteningly real enough through their obstructionism and ideological rigidity to convince Moody’s to downgrade it.

    The underlying debt arose by virtue of the Bush Administration’s profligate spending on unfunded wars, tax cuts and Medicare Part B. Before Bush’s ideologically driven spending spree, America had a budget surplus.

    The Obama Administration kept this country from experiencing a second Great Depression, and did so while the Republicans did everything in their power to tie his hands. Ray, while I’m not sure why you are so wedded to the idea that we are in the financial straits that we are in because of anything that President Obama has done, the fact remains that we are in them precisely because Republicans ideas do not work.

    Ryan’s budget plan and Cain’s tax plan represent more of the same.

    Had the Republicans actually let the President implement his vision for America, instead of playing politics, we wouldn’t be in the position we are currently in.

    Republican ideas led us into the first Great Depression. But for President Obama and the Democratic Party, they would have led us into a second one, and you would have found yourself in a bread line, Ray.

    Additionally, given the obvious “depth” of your comments here over time, and the “wealth” of facts you’ve always offered in support of your positions, I’m curious, Ray, what line of work are you in, and what is your educational background?

  2. Ya,right that’s all you moonbat’s have it’s all Bush’s fault. What about Clinton and his free trade. Or maybe that other great liberal idea of giving houses to people that can’t afford them.Liberals forcing banks to give away money they will never get back.Clinton,Dodd ,and Frank thanks to them 70% of union carpenters are out of work.

    Failed stimulus,cash for clunkers, 7000 new regulations,Obama care. Obama riding around in A bus instead of doing his job is the reason we have A record number of people on food stamps and well fare

    Zuma, you should go back to that school and get your money back. They forgot to teach you how to comprehend simple facts.

    1. Always a pleasure, Ray Ray.

      You’re pretty entertaining when you get all worked up and froth at the mouth like that, you know that?

      Now, if only you could be more coherent. . .

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