Some election-related tidbits as pertains to Milwaukee

Just a few Milwaukee-centric election-related tidbits that caught my eye as I was catching up on the news…

  • Former Milwaukee Public School board member Jennifer Morales has filed to run for 8th District aldermanic seat now held by Bob Donovan. While acknowledging her challenge to an entrenched incumbent like Bob Donovan would make for a tough race, Morales said she offered a new vision, saying, “I want to offer a new style of leadership that’s inclusive and not divisive.” Morales joins a crowded field of challengers to Donovan, with Benjamin Juarez and Chez Ordonez already having announced their intentions to challenge Donovan.

  • In other news, Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter announced he’ll be a candidate for City of Milwaukee Treasurer. Carpenter will be running to replace Wayne Whittow, who has already announced he won’t seek reelection to his office. As an interesting sidenote, Carpenter will not have to give up his seat in the State Senate unless he’s elected as City Treasurer, thanks to the fact that he’s in the middle of his term as a State Senator.

  • And finally…Chris Moews, who unsuccessfully challenged Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in the Democratic primary for Sheriff in 2010, is laying the groundwork for another run against Clarke. According to an email sent out by Moews to supporters, he’ll be holding a campaign fundraiser at Brocach Irish Pub on October 11 from 5-7 p.m. to begin building his campaign and preparing for his next run against Sheriff Clarke.

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