What could have been: Michigan, Illinois invest in high speed rail

If only Gov. Scott Walker weren’t so short-sighted…

If you’re looking for high-speed rail with a Chicago connection, don’t look toward Wisconsin. Two high-speed train sets that originally were set to connect Chicago with Milwaukee and Madison, and eventually Minneapolis, look like they’re headed to Michigan instead.

The Michigan Senate has cleared the way to buy the two sets of cars and 110-mph locomotives for Amtrak’s run between Detroit and Chicago, the Associated Press reported today.

The Chicago-Milwaukee high-speed plan, which also had a goal of 110 mph, derailed when in 2010 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker rejected $810 million in federal stimulus money to help build it. Minnesota officials are still spending more than $800,000 to study the idea, but without any contribution from Wisconsin.


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1 thought on “What could have been: Michigan, Illinois invest in high speed rail

  1. Meanwhile, Wisconsin utilities in western Wisconsin may run out of coal to operate their facilities this winter because the rail lines are too congested with frack sand and other rail transport. Taking the high speed rail funds would have improve and freed up track to make products move quicker, instead of being delayed and slowed down due to too much traffic for the track to bear.

    The stupidity of Walker’s move keeps multiplying, both in added cost, and in reduced commerce. FIRE THIS GUY.

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