Gov. Scott Walker: clueless on who actually gives pardons in Wisconsin

It was widely reported earlier today by the mainstream media that in a major departure from his predecessors, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has no plans to grant any pardons in the near future. Past governors from both parties have granted some pardons during their first year in office, but according to walker spokesman Cullen Werwie, Gov. Walker “believes these decisions are best left up to the courts.”

However, while Gov. Walker may believe decisions on who to grant pardons to are “best left up to the courts,” the authority to grant a pardon in Wisconsin lies exclusively with the governor. As the illusory tenant astutely points out, courts can expunge a person’s criminal record, but that’s hardly the same thing as a pardon granted by the governor.

The fact that Gov. Scott Walker doesn’t seem to understand that the responsibility to grant pardons is his and his alone is frightening, and it shows just how little Gov. Walker cares (or knows) about the actual “nuts and bolts” of governing.


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2 thoughts on “Gov. Scott Walker: clueless on who actually gives pardons in Wisconsin

  1. My husband applied for a pardon for a crime that he committed over 35 years ago. I was to the understanding that pardon applications are usually looked at within a year of your office receiving them. His application was submitted about 15 months ago. I understand that the Gov. has alot of important issues that he is dealing with but this is a very important issue to us. Could you please let us know if Gov. Walker has a pardoning board in place and how far out the applications are from review. Thank You

  2. I’m not going to even bother ’till he’s out of office. My conviction was 15 years ago, when I was a teen. I’ve had nothing outside of traffic court since, but that doesn’t matter. His head is so far up his ass, he can’t see daylight.

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