Appleton Post Crescent Nails Walker on Jobs

Yesterday’s editorial in that paper hits pretty hard concerning the spin lies Scott Walker has been telling virtually every month since the last decent monthly Wisconsin jobs report in June.  I especially like this line:

Recently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel used open records laws to get the full story.  The newspaper reported that Walker’s office was bluntly warned that employment was probably up in June, but that the exact job-creation numbers might not be accurate.

Walker’s office says it made it clear the numbers were preliminary.

But let’s be honest: A public event, with the governor at the microphone, really doesn’t have that “let’s be careful about this” feel, does it?

Finally someone’s getting it and publishing about it, though they could be more pointed, I suppose.  Still, the thinking here is that with jobs bleeding in the coming months by 450 here and  556 there, the Appleton Post Crescent will have ample opportunities to continue to report about the dismal job Scott Walker is doing on what he claims is his top priority. 

The RECALL train is coming!


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