And We Don’t This Either: Confederate Flags Just Don’t Fly

This photo was from the protest in Brookfield last Friday. And before everyone goes nuts, no this isn’t the photo from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that some right wing yahoos claimed was photo shopped. This is a photo from another source that shows two different individuals with Gadsden flags…one mit and one mit out.

I don’t know what the point of even showing up with a confederate flag is. But once again this has no value and no point at these protests.

Wisely, as James Wigderson stated in a conversation on social media, this individual was asked to take the confederate flag down and apparently complied.

One solid way to discredit your protest and create a lot of deaf ears is to show up with one of these. Again, those of you protesting in Madison of Friday…tell those who may show up with one of these to take it down and give it a rest.

And for those of you who are curious about the MJS flag controversy, let me suggest you go here!


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