Kristmas with the Klan [or not… UPDATED]

Because nothing brings the holidays home like blatant, unforgivable, commercialized racism!

UPDATE: Let me just say for the record,


I have apparently crossed over into the realm of the officially uncool.  As has been pointed out in the comments and in e-mail (Thanks Steve!), Dirty Ghetto Kids is a “thing” that was started by an African American skateboarder, Stevie Williams.   Like much of skateboarding culture, DGK is intended to offend for effect.  Well, it worked.  I was offended.  But that’s mine to own.  My failure to identify “irony” in the skater space is my own cultural ignorance.  Although, in my defense as an uncool, one can see how this mistake came to fruition.

So I owe myself one of these:

While wandering the aisles of Farm & Fleet in Waukesha today, I happened upon a toy every little Klanskid in your life is sure to want.  Little finger skateboards with a clear message to those lazy, shiftless, unclean and possibly uppity low-income housing dwellers!

All that’s missing is one with the “N” word on it!  Is it any wonder that racism cost President Obama 3 – 5 points in the 2008 election?

Merry Christmas, little Adolf!


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8 thoughts on “Kristmas with the Klan [or not… UPDATED]

  1. Um, no.

    DGK is a skateboard company founded by Stevie Williams, who happens to be black. The name isn’t racist, merely ironically provocative — as most skateboarding culture is wont to be.

  2. Once again you prove your ignorance.
    I would wager that more black kids are sporting these than are whites (proportionally, of course).
    Being the possessor of such white guilt I suspect you couldn’t see behind the face of it.

    1. I would wager that more black kids are sporting these than are whites (proportionally, of course).

      Really? Care to prove that?

      Does racism exist in your world? Because it sure does in mine.

      If the whole country held the same views as the most racially tolerant communities, the researcher found, Mr. Obama would have earned between 56.7% and 58.7% of the popular vote, compared with the 53.7% he won in 2008.

      “The cost of racial animus was not decisive in the 2008 election,” the paper states. “But a four percentage point loss by the winning candidate would have changed the result in the majority of post-war presidential elections.”

      But I suppose since you’ve never experienced racism, it must not exist, right?

      1. That study is based on pretty specious reasoning. But even at face value, it concludes that it is the white Democrates that are the racists.

        Pg. 21:

        “The percent motivated by animus is estimated between 3/44.7=6.7 and 5/46.7=10.7 percent. Between 6.7 and 10.7 percent of white Democrats did not support Obama because he was black”

        So I guess what I see what you mean that racism exists in your world because it looks like your study is to be believed your Democrat friends are whearing white sheets on their heads.

        1. Please elaborate on the “suspicious reasoning”, SI. Asking that honestly, as this is the first time I’ve seen this report and don’t anticipate having the time to peruse it unless you bring up something more specific that piques my interest.

          Also, Phil didn’t mention anything about D’s vs. R’s, so you’re not disproving anything he said.

          And further, the fact that racists flock to the Republican party as their default option where they might not have otherwise doesn’t exactly reflect as well on Republicans as I think you think it does. 😉

        2. I must be having a stroke, because I don’t recall saying anything about Democrats or Republicans. I said Americans.

          That study is based on pretty specious reasoning.

          Please explain. Are you contending that the use of Google search data, in aggregate, is ineffective at establishing racial animus by community? Section IIA of the paper makes a good case that the Google data is less biased than survey data and that it is predictive. I’d like to hear your thoughts on why you feel this might be “specious.”

  3. I am offended by this display of racism for profit. I do not care what color the skin is of the one making money on this venture, as it just plain reeks. I also am taken aback that Farm Fleet would allow the item to be on their shelves. I might make contact with the manager of the store and alert him/her to your concerns. Even in Waukesha this looks bad.

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