This time in Brookfield.

From Brookfield Patch:

On Saturday …

A Waukesha man said a man approached two recall petitioners, swore at them and grabbed the Waukesha man’s video camera, acting like he was going to throw it, before shoving it back. He then drove off in a pickup truck.

Recall petitioners gave police the truck’s license plate number. The truck’s listed owner, a 59-year-old Brookfield man, told police he had “got fired up over the matter.”

The Brookfield man could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon. He was given a citation that carries a maximum $492 penalty, with a Jan. 16 municipal court date.

It’s always a pickup truck… Why is it always a pickup truck?

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4 Responses to Republican Thugs – Typical Story Edition – Part II

  1. Their upscale cousin’s drive fancy SUV’s but same basic idea.

  2. Not all pickup truck owners are the same. Meet the WiscoKidd, a northwoods progressive.

  3. Zach W says:

    It’s not always a pickup truck; the guy who tried to back over recall signature gatherers in Racine County was driving a Lexus.

  4. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Hey kids…it’s Wisconsin for crying out loud…if you weren’t so busy riding your socialist public transit or your elitist bicycles all day long, you’d notice that 50% of the driving public are in F150s and such…just sayin’ LOL!

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