Yet another example of Walker supporters behaving badly, and still more silence from DPW

Another day, another example of conservative supporters of Republican Gov. Scott Walker behaving badly:

There’s been very little coverage of the multiple incidents of harassment and/or violence against recall petition circulators in the mainstream media. Curiously, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) has also largely avoided talking about the incidents of harassment and/or violence against recall petition circulators, purportedly because they don’t want to draw attention away from the actual effort to recall Gov. Walker and spend time or energy publicizing these incidents involving Walker supporters and recall petition circulators.

However, while the folks at the DPW don’t want to talk about the incidents of harassment/violence against recall petition circulators, they’re only too happy to spend some time putting together press release highlighting Walker being given an “award” by one of my fellow lefty bloggers.

Personally, I’d like to see the folks at the DPW start highlighting the boorish and criminal behavior of conservatives who support Scott Walker, because I think that’s a story worth discussing.


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26 thoughts on “Yet another example of Walker supporters behaving badly, and still more silence from DPW

  1. While I agree that the DPW has to address this, so should Scott walker and so should the righty bloggers and media. someone on the right needs to condemn this.

      1. Because these people speak for Scott Walker. They are acting on his behalf.

        I am in agreement that the DPW can not continue ignoring these like they have but I also think someone on the right needs to show some leadership and denounce these actions.

        1. And the Democratic Party of Wisconsin should be speaking for the folks helping to gather recall signatures. Just as you think someone on the right needs to show some leadership and denounce these actions, I think someone on the left needs to do the same.

          1. Damn right Zach. The DPW should be stepping up and having the back of the grassroots that’s well on the way to putting them back into power. It’s no secret that a big boost to the protests came when the Wisconsin 14 made their move to the border, because it showed THE DEMS WERE ON OUR SIDE.

            It’s time for them to do the same with the harrassment of recall petitioners, and put the Walker and the GOPs on the defensive by asking them “Do you think it’s OK for your supporters to act like such classless thugs?” We ain’t going to win this thing by being nice to these low-lifes. We have to fight fire with our own fire.

    1. The WI Dem Party should lead on denouncing these dangerous incidents. This may be shame the Republican Party into doing the same -but then again the TeaGOP has no shame.

  2. It was nice of the harrasser to put his business name and telephone number on his truck so that working people in Oshkosh will know who not to patronize:

    Custom Heating
    1503 S. Main St.
    Oshkosh 920-235-7263

    I’m assuming that death threats are still against the law.

  3. ” You are being harassed and pretty soon you’re going to be killed “. And then HE calls the police at the end of the video?

    Maybe he feels that his right to not sign a recall petition more than once is being infringed upon?

  4. Maybe another Sarah Palin Arizona Slaughterhouse event will make people see the danger in these type of goons!

  5. thanks guys

    this is a grassroots movement

    clearly, we cannot look to Party hacks to even condemn these Republican cowards

    though I have to admit, I do like confronting the little pricks in the field myself, and will continue to do so

    Custom Heating
    1503 S. Main St.
    Oshkosh 920-235-7263

    They can expect a call from me.

  6. Holy Jiminy Cricket!

    Two things.

    One, I’m glad that the DPW isn’t stooping to the level of squawk radio hosts and the ugliest of the right wing bloggers. With all that is on their plates this year, they can’t go chasing down every idiot that wants to prove their idiocy.

    Two, if you don’t think the Dems are supporting this, who the hell do you think is paying for it? Santa? The New Years Baby?

    Let’s keep some perspective here. There are a lot more issues and frankly, a lot more egregious behaviors, that need to be addressed. Let the right wing stay occupied with being whiners.

    Anyway, that’s the way I see it. Thanks for listening.

    1. “Two, if you don’t think the Dems are supporting this, who the hell do you think is paying for it? Santa? The New Years Baby?”

      But I thought this was supposed to be a grassroots movement, not just an extension of the DPW.

    2. Oh, and I wanted to ask you about your statement, “Let the right wing stay occupied with being whiners.”

      Are you asserting that if we call the right wing out when they harass or engage in violence against folks gathering signatures that we’re “whiners?”

      Further, if the DPW can spare the time issuing “press releases” touting the fact that a liberal blog gave Scott Walker a made up award, certainly they could spare a commensurate amount of time to highlight acts of harassment/violence against recall petition circulators.

  7. The right has been spending their time complaining about minor issues and non-issues because they can’t defend the real problems we’re facing. Do you realize how much would go into making a to do about every boorish Walker supporter? I just think there are more important things to focus on.

    In other words, to repeat myself, keep it in perspective.

    Yes, grumpy old guy acting like an idiot is a bad thing, and he shouldn’t have done what he did, but to me, there are more pressing matters. Like 45,000 people out of work. Another 60,000 people w/out health care. A correction system that’s falling apart. Education being sabotaged. Do I really need to go on?

    But yes, that thing about a blog post, I don’t get it either.

  8. Im split on this issue a little. I think there is room for the party to meet us halfway. Every time that Miles Kristan sneezes, Maciver turns it into a “news story” and every right wing nut and hate radio blabber runs with the same story. I dont think the dem party needs to do that, BUT i do think they need to take an ocassional egregious one and run it up the flagpole as this is who supports Scott Walker.

    This story would be a good one or maybe the treasurer of the Racine GOP trying to run people over would be another.

    The rest we all can document but unfortunately NOT everyone reads us. We need to get these stories out to as many people as possible and put the pressure on Scott Walker to denounce these loons before someone gets hurt.

    I do not have any idea what the dem party does all day long. but unless they are busy making sure that no republican in the state runs unopposed in this next election, I am quite certain they have an extra 20 minutes to send out a press release about this.

  9. Have they even charged the guy from Racine? It seems like a rather sketchy story and would require more investigation than it merits, at least at this point.

    And if they did start tracking down and condemning all of these incidents, the right would use that as a distraction from the real issues.

  10. Like I said not ALL, just grab a couple and run them up the flagpole. Thats all.

    Lets not forget that the people who are collecting these signatures, are Wisconsinites who are giving up time away from their family and lives to collect signatures, without whom the recall would NOT happen. These deserve protection and do not deserve to be consistently threatened by Walker Supporters.

  11. But which ones? You can’t know until you’ve checked them out thoroughly. That takes away from things that would be more productive.

    As for protection, that’s why we go in numbers, use cameras and vidcams and call the police.

    1. I am conflicted also but I do think the incident that was caught on camera could have been condemned by the Democratic Party (WI). It was serious enough to make a statement on and perhaps would have put the Republican Party to shame for not first condemning it (not holding my breath on that one by at least the public would know).

  12. I have a friend, a veteran’s advocate and licensed private investigator, who wants to offer some free advice to volunteer on how to proceed pro se in civil and criminal proceedings.

    I’v know this vet for a few years; he saw the video and he’s pissed.

    E-mail me at:

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