About Dan Sebring’s new ad…

So apparently far-right extremist Republican Dan Sebring, who has decided to run yet again against incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in 2014, has a new ad running on the internet. In the ad, an actor impersonating Mr. T says he pities the fool who doesn’t vote for Dan Sebring, followed by a message from Sebring explaining that a Republicancan win in the fourth Congressional district.

While Dan Sebring may be delusional enough to believe a Republican can win in the fourth Congressional district, reality paints a much different story. After all, Rep. Moore beat Sebring by nearly 40 percentage points in 2010 (69.1% to 29.6%) and then followed that electoral drubbing up with an even more resounding win in 2012, beating Sebring by a margin of 72.2% to just 24.8% for Sebring.

According to the 2014 Cook Partisan Voter Index, the fourth Congressional district is a +23 Democratic district, but I’m betting that Dan Sebring will underperform and still lose by at least 40 percentage points in 2014. After all, he’s a lackluster candidate with a bunch of baggage, and voters in the fourth Congressional district clearly don’t like what they see in Dan Sebring.


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4 thoughts on “About Dan Sebring’s new ad…

  1. Apparently Mr. Sebring hasn’t been reading about the GOPs gerrymandering of districts…in order to make some safe for Republicans…a few like the 4th were as loaded with Democratic areas as possible. They know they can’t win it…they built it that way.

    1. Ed, that’s an excellent point, but even if the fourth CD were potentially winnable by a Republican, Dan Sebring wouldn’t be that Republican. He’s a marginal candidate, as evidenced by the fact that he actually underperforms what would be expected from a generic Republican in the 4th CD.

  2. Dan is an extremist?! Gwen Moore doesn’t even want to stop welfare cards from being accessed at Strip clubs. Who is the extremist? If fiscal responsibility is extreme…sign me up!

    1. Elizabeth,

      Glad you want to legalize adult sex work. Outside of zoning issues, no reason to waste taxpayer resources on it.

      Why isn’t the GOP doing more to phase out welfare and unemployment insurance?

      FDR’s federal job guarantee was to the right of you.

      “….The government could serve as the “employer of last resort” under a job guarantee program modeled on the WPA (the Works Progress Administration, in existence from 1935 to 1943 after being renamed the Work Projects Administration in 1939) and the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942). The program would offer a job to any American who was ready and willing to work at the federal minimum wage, plus legislated benefits. No time limits. No means testing. No minimum education or skill requirements….”


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