3 thoughts on “Gallery: Photos from the “Celebrate Scott Walker” Rally

  1. I just listened to part of Tommy Thompson’s speech, if you can call it that. It sounded more like the drunk at the end of the bar shouting incoherently before he is deep-sixed. You know, the old drunk who everyone else in the bar laughs at while they roll their eyes. His attempt to pronounce the word “malfeasance” was absolutely hilarious.

    Yes, that’ s who we need to elect as our next Senator, a terminal alcoholic. I saw a recent picture of him and he looked pathetic with his beer gut and swollen face that looked like it had been attacked by a nest of wasps. And then there was that classic big red brandy-nose.

    The days of multiple mistresses are over for Tommy. From now on sex is on a cash basis only for this ugly little troll. He desperately needs rehab.

    1. Well… I’m reluctant to make assumptions about Thompson’s personal life.
      I just wanted to see if he would be the same Tommy Thompson I heard speak at Weldall on Dec 2, 2011, or if he would undergo an Extreme Makeover: Neo-con Edition for the January 21, 2012 pro-Walker rally.
      It was blatantly clear that Thompson chose the makeover, and his “before” was better than his “after”…that’s what troubled me.

  2. I think this little rally is just sad. Week after week in Madison last winter there was barely space to stand, much less space for a lawn chair!

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