Paul Ryan to host wine shop luncheon for Van Wanggaard

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, who last year demonstrated his elitist tastes for $350 bottles of wine, is hosting a luncheon fundraiser in a wine store for Republican State Sen. Van Wanggaard, who’ll find himself on a recall election ballot in short order.

The minimum ticket price for the event is $125, a price that no doubt is far too steep for many of Wanggaard’s constituents, given the fact that the City of Racine, which falls in Wanggaard’s State Senate district, has the highest unemployment rate in the state.

No doubt we can expect to see Paul Ryan and Van Wanggaard cracking open a few $350 bottles of wine while they toast to all they have failed to accomplish during their collective time in office.

H/T to the Root River Siren.


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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan to host wine shop luncheon for Van Wanggaard

  1. But Obama is absolutely not out of touch and arrogant when he takes his unnecessary foreign family trips and extravagant vacations. Your guy can do no wrong.

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