Really John? Really?

H/T HuffPO: Last night Senator and failed presidential candidate John McCain told Sean Hannity that picking Sarah Palin, was the best decision he ever made:

John McCain has no regrets about the biggest and most controversial decision of his unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign. Speaking to Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening in New Hampshire, McCain said naming Sarah Palin his running mate was “still the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Much drama has occurred since the McCain-Palin ticket lost to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In 2009, several members of McCain’s campaign team trashed Palin in a Vanity Fair article, and in 2010, McCain’s daughter Meghan claimed Palin caused “stress, drama, panic” on the campaign trail.

I wonder what his rich wife (who set him up for the good life) or his kids felt about that? Personally, I always felt that by unleashing Sarah Palin on the country you put a black mark on your record that would never go away.

As if that was not humorous enough watch this:

PS: To Wiggy, This post is NOT about you nor is it about Vanity Fair.


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