I’ll take incompetence for $800, Alex

She said, “I know it wasn’t an error on my part, which is always a good thing.”

Who is everyone’s favorite incompetent Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus?


And why would she have the opportunity to guage her good fortune in this way?  Well, it turns out that when you hate government with every fiber of your being; when you want to drown it in Grover Norquist’s solid-gold bathtub with the platinum fixtures; when your every waking moment is dedicated to undermining the very institutions like the GAB that constitute good government in Wisconsin; well, it turns out that you really suck at the work of… you know… actually running the government!

I know, I know… Dog bites man, right?

Thousands of people could be affected by an apparent error in the state’s controversial redistricting process that caused them to be listed in the wrong municipalities, school districts or wards, some election officials say.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Tuesday that information for 14,447 people in her area needs to be corrected.

But never fear, dear readers, Kathy is there to assure us that “it’s bigger than Waukesha.”  Well, that’s a relief Kathy!  I’m so glad it’s bigger than just Waukesha.  Because nothing is more important to the citizens of this state than your piece of mind.  You get to hide behind the mistakes of others this time around.  Well done, Kathy.  Well done.


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4 thoughts on “I’ll take incompetence for $800, Alex

  1. Isn’t that 14,000 number close to the number of votes that weren’t reported to the press or whatever (the “found” votes) in the Prosser election? Or am I way off?

  2. My guess is someone is trying to get it so that when you google Kathy Nicholaus’ name the mistake doesn’t come up.

    From Politifact on April 17,
    “In the case of Brookfield, the 14,000 votes were accurately tabulated at the municipal level and transmitted correctly to the media and to Nickolaus. The numbers reported by Brookfield have been confirmed by state election officials. The problem was that Nickolaus left them out of her unofficial aggregated county-wide total.”

    I am just guessing, but still,a strange deja vu.

  3. The real issue is the redistricting , but is she the top clerk in the state or something? Odd. The whole year has been odd.

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