Report: Wisconsin’s roads third-worst in nation

Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, where the state’s roads are literally crumbling beneath our tires.

Wisconsin’s roads are the third-worst in the nation and the potholes and other problems that plague them cost drivers in some cities almost twice the national average in repairs and associated costs, according to a new study of the state’s highway system.

The numbers mark a dramatic decline in road quality. As recently as 11 years ago, Wisconsin’s roads ranked No. 22 in the nation, and their deterioration affects almost every industry and motorist in the state, according to the study commissioned by the Local Government of Wisconsin Institute.

Poor roads in the Milwaukee area cost drivers $700 a year in extra vehicle repairs, according to the study; in the Madison area, road conditions cost drivers an additional $615 in annual tire wear, maintenance and accelerated deterioration. Nationally, substandard road conditions cost drivers an average of $377 per year, the study found.

The primary culprit: State budget cuts that have slashed the amount of money dedicated to repairing both state highways and local roads, which has left fewer than half of Wisconsin’s roads rated as “good” or better, the report found.


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9 thoughts on “Report: Wisconsin’s roads third-worst in nation

  1. it takes 4 year or so to plan, acquire property etc for roads. This is part of the Lefts theft of road funds for stupid speninding. Doyle is villian here.

  2. Sing along to the tune of an old lament at the current immoral and inept governance of Wisconsin.

    “Where have all our good roads gone, long time passing?
    Where have all our good roads gone, long time ago?
    Where have all our good roads gone?
    Walker’s budget, every one.
    When will he ever learn, when will Walker ever learn?”

    Nota bene: to continue subsequent verses, in place of “good roads,” substitute: “public schools – senior care – middle class – UW System – public unions – good jobs – public input – local school boards,” etc.

    Feel free to add to the list.

    P.S. Steve, how about some Thursday music

    1. There’s plenty of funding for new road construction in the upcoming budget. Repairing current roads? Not so much. Shared revenue to local counties and municipalities is flat in the new budget, and has been on a decline steadily over the past 20 years. The state government literally will not help local cities and towns on this issue, so it’s up to local governments to come up with a solution.

  3. It’s seems obvious that Scott Walker is willing to use Republican obstinancy to strip Wisconsin of every public asset to solidify his standing as the no. 1 conservative candidate for president in 2016.

    In my opinion, the Joe McCarthy state is at it again! And with all the education cuts, we may not ever be able to reform and educate these duped & bigoted citizens again.

    After talking to my doctors, I am resigned to prayer alone. No more canvassing, street protests or campaign donations to labor touting organizations who answer to equally obstinate thug management.

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