Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis: “Green Bay Preble is a sewer”

Watch and listen as Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis of Neenah expresses his feelings about Green Bay Preble High School, calling it a “sewer” while holding court with Republican State Rep. Robin Vos and Republican State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf.

The video I posted was edited and re-posted with the permission of the fine folks at PolitiScoop, who first broke this story.


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3 thoughts on “Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis: “Green Bay Preble is a sewer”

  1. You need to put a hammer & sickle in your blog, that would be appropriate. You have no idea what you are doing to this state, you really make me sick.
    Mike Ellis lives outside of Neenah Wisconsin and has been serving this state honarbly as a senator for many years. Where do you get that he is a south African politician ? As usual you have your facts all screwed up.

    1. Donna, you might want to re-read what I wrote, because I never mentioned anything about South Africa in my post.

      Before you start hurling insults, you might want to make sure you know what you’re talking about, because otherwise you end up looking mighty stupid.

      1. Folks like Ellis really need to get out more. His comments about GB East and West being fine are ridiculous – Preble has an average ACT of 23, while East is at about 21.5 and West is under 21. The other public GB HS, Southwest, also is at 23. These people are a disgrace and an embarassment to Wisconsin. And I think Ellis actually was a teacher at one time. BTW, the word is that he has been known to overimbibe from time to time.

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