LIVE Broadcast of Protest against Mining Bill

If you’ve been following the developments in the push by Republicans in the legislature to allow strip mining in northern Wisconsin (mining that would have a tremendous negative impact on native americans living near the mine), you can watch a LIVE Broadcast of the protest against the mining bill right here:

Watch live streaming video from indiancountrytv at


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4 thoughts on “LIVE Broadcast of Protest against Mining Bill

  1. You guys are against anything that helps this country create real jobs. You will always find something wrong with every job that is created in the private sector that does not directly benefit some lefty poltical cause. Guess what? Not every job should be meant to fuel your machine. Nothing is good enough for you. If they could find a way to fuel cars with water you would bitch about some negative aspect about it.

    1. This type of mining has actually been known to kill people, poison the very air people breathe and water people drink.

      Not many people who are up there living are a fan of this bill for that very reason – there are other ways to make jobs up there. This will just kill one industry it has for sake of another.

      1. Regardless though: The Republicans are lockstep with each other. There’s no way to stop the bill in reality.

    2. I’m not against ANYTHING that helps create jobs; I’m simply against destroying the environment in order to create jobs. If Republicans have their way, Gogebite Taconic will turn the north woods into this:

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