Scott Walker campaign spokesperson: “I would really love to punch Hillary Clinton in the face”

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Meet Ciara Matthews (pictured, right). For those of you who weren’t aware, Matthews is the communications director for Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s gubernatorial recall campaign. Matthews previously worked on the campaigns of such infamous Republican politicians as Sharron “When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Make Rape Lemonade” Angle and former Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons, has been accused of allegedly accepting unreported gifts and/or payments from a campaign donor in exchange for official acts while he served in Congress, not to mention attempting to rape a woman in a Las Vegas parking garage.

As first reported by the folks at PolitiScoop, in 2007 conservative Republican operative Chuck Muth posted statements made by Ciara Matthews on an online blog. Here is the post (Note – the grammar and spelling errors are Matthews’ own):

My mom is my biggest hero, then Sean Hannity, then Ann Coulter and we cannot forget Miss Tyra Banks!!!

I definitely see myself in politics…or as the next Rush Limbaugh.

I do not like rap. It’s cool to dance to in a club…only because of the beat but MOST of the time, I hate the words.

Speaking of the world, I love to know current evens, I guess that is sorta why I am so into politics, so I watch the news on a very regular basis. But only Fox News ëFair and Balanced!!

Who would you really like to just punch in the face? I would really love to punch Hillary Clinton in the face (Emphasis added)

Keep in mind that at the time Matthews wrote that she’d “love to punch Hillary Clinton in the face,” Clinton was not only the former First Lady – she was also a sitting United States Senator and a candidate for president.

Perhaps Ciara Matthews thinks comments about punching those who don’t share her rigidly conservative ideology are appropriate, but her comments seem incredibly stupid – not to mention irresponsible and incendiary – for someone who makes a living in political communications.


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10 thoughts on “Scott Walker campaign spokesperson: “I would really love to punch Hillary Clinton in the face”

  1. “but her comments seem incredibly stupid – not to mention irresponsible and incendiary” yup, sounds like one of Walker’s people in his typecasting style.

  2. What is it with Republicans and 20-something hacks with zero decency skills or any noticeable acumen other than failing upwards?

    I mean look at Walker’s Administration alone. Sparks, Werwie, Gilkes, Matthews. These people are FUCKUPS that apparently can’t get any gig outside of wingnut welfare. Yet another reason to blow them out of power.

    1. It’s soooooo tempting to pin this on Walker, but the fact of the matter is that every political campaign that I’m aware of puts young and grossly unqualified people in important staff positions. Although nothing comes to mind right away, I’m sure that we could find a similar incident involving a Democratic staffer without much trouble.

      Why do armies recruit or conscript young people? Because they’re fearless, will work for peanuts and lack the experience to know when they’re being taken advantage of. As they grow older much more rapidly than their peers, burnout sets in. The ones that survive into their thirties get a shot at the big leagues, but most go home to Kansas, so to speak. Interestingly enough, that’s more or less how it works in the political campaign business, but with less lethal weapons.

      None of this explains why Walker has this ditz running point in communications of all things so long after 2007. Maybe it’s a sign that he’s expecting to be in jail soon, and is just going through the motions politically. Maybe it’s because he’s a True Believer in the teabagger’s creed that incompetence is what makes for a good politician. Maybe he’s boinking her, who knows.

  3. Meanwhile other people like judges and journalists who merely signed the recall petitions (i.e. asked for elections to be held, per the WI Constitution) are being accused of “ethical violations” for so doing.

    Amazingly, their accusers are not saying Walker himself did anything wrong in first taking office as Milwaukee County Executive through just such a recall election.

  4. Ciara certainly has that dead-eye sociopathic look down. Fantasizing about assaulting a Vice Presidential candidate would normally get you evaluated by the Secret Service. Can you imagine what would have happened to someone during the Bush administration who expressed a desire to assault Dick Cheney? The Cons are certainly a classy bunch, the party of pedophiles, embezzlers, burglars, clinic bombers, money-launderers, real-estate scammers and pathological liars. Did I miss anything?

    1. Well Gareth, there was that bit about Reagan committing treason (giving aid and comfort to US’ enemy Iran) in order to break the War Powers law, the Boland Amendment and various other high crimes and misdemeanors so that he too could claim to be a wartime President.

      Yes, yes, it’s OK if you’re a Republican. So an act that meets the legal definition of treason is of course remembered as the gold standard of patriotism. It’s not like anything tragic happened like the US accidentally killing hundreds of innocents as a direct result of the revived F-14 threat…oh wait.

  5. I was looking over her twitter account and I was curious with what she would have to say in February of 2011. She has ridiculous amounts of tweets, sometimes per day, every month but oddly, she has no tweets in the month of February 2011 when the protests in Wisconsin began. There’s no way she didn’t comment on that with all the other babel she has on there.

  6. Tell Ciara that the line to punch Hillary in the face already wraps around the building twice.

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