Wisconsin Election Committee Chair Attempts To Disenfranchise Military Absentee Voters

There’s been a bit of a brouhaha in Wisconsin this past week over military absentee ballots. A Milwaukee Deputy Election Commissioner applied for military absentee ballots under false names and had them sent to State Representative Janel Brandtjen who chairs the Committee of Campaigns and Elections in the Wisconsin Assembly. The commissioner was summarily fired by the mayor of Milwaukee and now faces criminal charges. Why she didn’t bring her concerns to her superiors or elected officials like Brandtjen instead of breaking the law remains to be seen.

So what did Brandtjen do (well other than contacting fired election denier and election investigation grifter Michael Gableman)? Open an investigation? Discuss legislation to remedy the hole in the system? Hell no, in tried and true Madison Republican fashion, she sued!

Wisconsin state Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R) filed a lawsuit on Friday to temporarily block the counting of military ballots in the state after an election official sent her absentee ballots bearing fake names.

“In this case, the temporary injunction remedy sought is to prevent any military elector absentee ballots cast by non-qualified persons casting military elector absentee ballots, if any, from being counted,” read the lawsuit brought by Brandtjen along with two other individuals and the Concerned Veterans of Waukesha Country, where it was filed.

They added: “The Plaintiffs want to ensure that any close election result is not determined by non-qualified people voting military elector absentee ballots.”

can someone translate that opening sentence about the ballots into English?

Now, I agree any and all fake ballots need to be intercepted and destroyed and everyone involved with creating them should be fully prosecuted. But the knee jerk reaction here is to just hold back ALL military absentee ballots for an indeterminate amount of time? This is how we want to treat our active military? Really? Brandtjen is the beneficiary of a heavily gerrymandered district so she is at no risk of losing her re-election bid…but in a fair and equitable world a incompetent like this should be shown the door.

And if we don’t have a final count by late Tuesday night, it just might be Brandtjen’s fault.


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