Sarah Speaks

Sarah Palin has been in the National Spotlight for 4 years now and finally has said something of value! Here she is taking on the “Round Mound of Mean” – Chris Christie on behalf of he candidate Newt Gingrich:

Where she tells us that he likes to “wear panties”(wonder if he is related to J. Edgar?) and after using the state helicopter to fly to his son’s baseball game(he was at the other end of the state at a fundraiser prior), maybe he should take a look in the mirror as to who “embarrasses the party”.


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2 thoughts on “Sarah Speaks

  1. Jeff,

    Sarah Palin is a progressive. She pushed through a windfall profits tax on big oil in Alaska and spread the cash around in annual checks to every resident. Hell, she’s a socialist.

    1. Who is the bigger embarrassment to the GOP Party? I’ll take the guy who cheated on two of his wives. He’s a habitual adulterer. I’ll say the guy who denounces his lobbyist career and attacks Mitt Romney for doing conservative things in his life, like living the American Dream, working hard for your own wealth, raising a family with values, and so on. If a guy uses a helicopter to catch his kid’s game…good for him for loving his family, shame on his use of government equipment.

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