4 thoughts on “Climate Change Denial is the Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century.

  1. I agree, but please don’t make the denier’s mistake of confusing weather with climate. It is undeniably warm here this spring, but it’s also colder in the western states (or it was recently). There are indications that some of the weather we are seeing is due to climate change, but we can’t point to just a few weather events and call it proof.

  2. Tomato Addict,

    Not to worry. If you scroll down to the video contained in the final link of the post, from the Weather Channel, you’ll see a video of a meteorologist describing events across the globe with an explanation of why he’s gone from a climate change denier in years past to accepting the science, despite the politics of the issue.

  3. Not to worry again.

    Maybe Governor Walker should call a special session to bring back the failed Clean Energy Jobs Act of the 2010 legislative session? It might be his best path to winning the recall election. 🙂

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