Republican mining bill dealt setback, Sen. Tim Carpenter stands with fellow Democrats

By a vote of 17-16, the state Senate voted today to reject mining legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers that would ease the regulatory path for a large open pit iron mine in northern Wisconsin.

Among those Democratic State Senators voting against the mining legislation was Sen. Tim Carpenter, who yesterday was reportedly considering voting along with Republicans in favor of the legislation. Despite reports he was wavering, Sen. Carpenter made the right choice and stood with his fellow Democrats against open pit mining that would sully the beauty of Wisconsin’s northwoods while polluting waterways with toxic runoff.

Yesterday I encouraged you all to give Sen. Carpenter a call to urge him to stand in solidarity with his fellow Democrats, but today you should call Sen. Carpenter and thank him.

(608) 266-8535
(800) 249-8173
(414) 383-7223



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29 thoughts on “Republican mining bill dealt setback, Sen. Tim Carpenter stands with fellow Democrats

  1. Well say good bye to all of those badly needed jobs in northern Wis. What about those poor families trying to make ends meet. Ask them!

      1. @ Steve

        Not being sentient, much less intelligent, KWD isn’t capable of paying attention

    1. Jake presented a simple cost-benefit analysis for the mine in the comment thread under the “Gogebic Taconite calls it quits in Wisconsin” post written by Zach:

      “Look, we don’t oppose mines being started, despite what the right-wing liars want dimwits to believe. But there’s a right way to do it that protects our great natural resources in the Northwoods, and giving away the farm to an out-of-state, anti-worker business wasn’t it.

      The fact that Fitzgerald didn’t allow the Jauch-Schultz compromise to come up for a vote proves that the Number 1 goal was not “getting a mine started,” but instead paying off their contributors at Gogebic with a sweetheart deal that would leave most Wisconsinites (and especially those up in Ashland County) holding the bag, with long-term damage. . .”

      Jake nailed it right on the head.

      The mine was never good for Wisconsin, regardless of what shortsighted wingnuts like KWD would have you believe.

      1. @ Steve

        Not being sentient, much less intelligent, KWD isn’t capable of translating from “the Gibberish”.

      2. I think the translation is Carlson! Your great at spewing your liberal drivel and name calling. Again, what about those families in Northern Wis. ?

  2. And you say that you stand with unionized labor and yet you don’t support a bill that would create union jobs all double talk by you lefties just to see Scott Walker fail and in the process you have no problem in Wisconsin failing.

    1. Mike,

      It would have been nice if the union leaders who held their press conference with Gogebic Taconite had stood with us on this one. A lot of people from up here traveled down to Madison last February and March to stand with organized labor. Solidarity goes both ways, dontcha think?

  3. hear that loud sucking sound libs? That’s another huge chunk of support you just flushed down the recall drain.

    1. James,

      That large sucking sound means that your head must have inadvertently popped out of your ass and air is rushing in. Don’t panic; it’ll get better after a bit.

      1. (*laughing*)

        Homeboy seems to have blown a gasket today.


        What a goof !

      2. Stevie, wow are at your name calling again. Go back to your tent before you lose more of your dwindling support! Wing nut What a vocabulary!

        1. Hey, KWD, if the “wingnut” fits. . .

          How about substantively [too big a word?] commenting about something, anything, huh? Like the Jauch-Schultz compromise that Steve asked you about up above. Like the fact that, given the existence of the Jauch-Schultz compromise, your problem is actually with Republican/wingnut/jackass, Scott Fitzgerald.

          Or are you just here to vent all that unfocused, irrational wingnut-steam building up in that little wingnut head of yours before it explodes?

        2. @ KWD


          Is that some kind of negative OWS reference, Sir Wingnut?

          If it was, you’re definitely preaching to the wrong choir.

          In any event, homeboy, this isn’t an elementary school schoolyard. Try contributing something more meaningful than insults which are insults only in the deep recesses of the wingnut mind.

          That said, and as long as we’re on the subject of insults, let’s get down to it, huh?

          Pinhead? Now, THAT’S a worthy and a recognizable insult. You’re familar with it, right? You know from watching that famous wingnut sage/bully/falafel thing-user/moron, Bill O’Reilly?

          You’re probably also familiar with the term from having been a pinhead for as long as you have been, as well as from having undoubtedly been called a pinhead for as long as you can remember. Given that you are, without a doubt, a pinhead, and I doubt that you have the capacity to do it, you either need to elevate your game around here OR you need to just fold your “tent” and march yourself right over to some wingnut echo chamber where no one gives a hoot about intelligence, logic and reason, and where everyone loves to traffic in insults. Which one? Up to you.

          And don’t let the door hit you in your bony ass on the way out. . .[h/t to Meg Ryan in “Working Girl”].

          1. My goodness Zuma! What sentence structure! Stiring up liberal drones like you is so easy.

            The real issue that people care about in Northern Wis. are good paying jobs-Union Jobs! Not Bill O’Rielly or your wet dreams.

  4. A bill which doesn’t let consumers harmed by harmful environmental damage get compensation doesn’t make me all that assured that said company would provide many livable wage jobs.

    There are ways to make jobs, including mining jobs, without stripping the state’s environmental protections. Just look at the blown up mountains in Appalachia to demonstrate the problems with that.

  5. Why do we want to thank Carpenter for doing the right thing because he is scared of talk radio and almost backed Scott Walker? Why not thank the other 15 Democrats who never wavered?

  6. It is better that they collect unemployment and govt benefits than hold an actual job, all
    Because you fools chose to play politics

    1. Who played politics? I’d say it was S Fitzgerald, who refused to let a compromise bill come up, because it didn’t do what the company wanted.

      The art of compromise is giving up what you want. GTAC was unwilling to do that, and since GTAC was calling the shots, rather than the citizens of the state, Fitzgerald folded rather than give a little. The corporations chose someone who would “stand up” for them. The Republicans in the Senate, however, got a “leader” who doesn’t know how to work with the opposition. Thus no jobs.

      What a waste of a session.

      1. IF only FMSN could bring himself to think outside the “knee-jerk reaction” box.

  7. Carpenter would have holy hell to pay if he had sided with the FitzWalker side. Coggs too.

    They better know everybody’s going to be watching them and if they’re smart, they’ll not sell their souls for a little campaign cash.

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