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  1. Zack, very cool (at least 5 mega fonzies on the coolometer). One of the best bands ever. Did you see them when they played Summerfest back in 2010?

    -Nemo, just a spud boy, tired of the soup dejour.

    1. Good to see you, Nemo.

      Anyway, “[Devo], [o]ne of the best bands ever”?!

      Yeah, I don’t think so. A nice, quirky, entertaining band from a nice, quirky, entertaining musical era, but “one of the best bands ever”?! Might have overstated things JUST a bit there, my brother.

      Here’s something to get you back on track:


      P.S. Nemo (*grunt*) STILL need new schtick. Third person SO Pleistosene.

      P.P.S. Nemo ALSO need new “hipster” vocabulary. “Fonzies” ?! “Coolometer” ?! Yikes !!! How very Paleolithic of you.

      Hey, I keed, I keed. (*wink*) I’m glad to see that you’re still coming around.


      1. Hi Zuma! Musical taste is subjective at best (my own personal version of hell would be incomplete without including a wrap/hip-hop soundtrack). That being said, if you look at the band’s history and influence, you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the “one of the best bands” claim. Note that just 2 years after forming, DEVO caught the attention of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who championed them. More currently, DEVO was awarded the first-ever Moog Innovator Award (The Moog Innovator Award “celebrates pioneering artists whose genre-defying work exemplifies the bold, innovative spirit of Bob Moog.”)

        Your comments betray a man who is either deaf or has never heard the beginning riff of “Mongoloid” in a quiet space with the base turned up.

        -Nemo, Don’t Shoot, I’m a Man.

        1. Nemo: Note that just 2 years after forming, DEVO caught the attention of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who championed them. More currently, DEVO was awarded the first-ever Moog Innovator Award (The Moog Innovator Award “celebrates pioneering artists whose genre-defying work exemplifies the bold, innovative spirit of Bob Moog.”)

          Zuma: Hey, don’t get me wrong. I dig creativity in any form. I get why guys like David Bowie and Iggy Pop dig DEVO, but “technical innovation” which impresses a musician or a music producer or a tech-geek doesn’t generally, if ever, give me the transcendent experience I look for in music.

          I just want the music to move me, not impress me with its genius.

          Exhibit A:


          1. Zuma, if Devo’s genius doesn’t impress, then I’ll assume that their influence does not either. We probably agree that a band’s longevity is not a good metric for greatness (The Beatles lasted less than 10 years, QED) or a band’s earnings (Ga-Ga, QED). That pretty much leaves only whether you like their music or not. Determining a bands greatness given this narrow view is akin to debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin (42, if they are not krumping).

            -Nemo insists that resistance is not futile, it’s V/I and measured in ohms.

            1. Sorry, Nemo. I just couldn’t get all the way through your last comment without starting to lose consciousness, so I’m just going to “tap out”. I think that we just look at and experience music differently.

              I like DEVO. I just wouldn’t recommend them for sainthood.

              Take care, brother. Always enjoy our exchanges.

              Anyway, I’m off to check out Triumverat, the band that Other Side mentioned, on YouTube.

      2. Devo is in my top five bands of all time.

        If that loses me some credibility with the music aficionados here at BB, then so be it. I’ll be the first to admit my musical tastes aren’t very refined, but I’m okay with that.

        1. In fact, here’s how unrefined my musical “palette” is. My top 5 bands would be (in no specific order):

          Green Day
          Huey Lewis and the News
          Rage Against the Machine

          1. Hey, it all comes down to what turns us on. I may not get why you and Nemo like DEVO so much, but, in the end, it doesn’t matter.

            In any event, nothing “unrefined” about your musical palette. All good bands.

            That said, DEVO might make my Top 500. (*wink*)

            Rock on, guys.

    2. Nemo, I did see them when they played Summerfest in 2010; in fact that’s the only reason I went to Summerfest that year, and I’m glad I did.

  2. OFF TOPIC: This is something for Governor Hair-In-A-Can to contemplate. A Pennsylvania State Senator was convicted of 5 felonies for using her office staff for campaign work and it’s the cover-up that will probably send her to prison.

    Like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania also seems to have a problem with a corrupt Supreme Court. It’s like we’re twins.


    Ms. Orie, 50, was charged with using her legislative staffers to campaign for both herself and Justice Melvin.

    The senator was also charged with perjury, forgery, tampering with evidence and election code violations stemming from her first trial in the case in February 2011.”

      1. Zuma, I saw that study earlier today. I was amazed that the author made the assumption that trust in science is the same as trust in the scientific community. The same could have been said for anyone questioning the findings of the community of tobacco scientists back in the 50’s. A better title would have been,”Conservatives becoming immune to Jedi mind tricks”.

        -Nemo waves his hands, claims these are not the droids you’re looking for.

        1. Nemo STILL talk like caveman. Nemo sad. Reason Nemo not get Obi-Wan role. Nemo need let go. Need find new stick.

          No, Nemo. New SCHTICK. Not stick.

          Nemo not happy. Found new stick already. Make up mind, Zooooo-MAH.

    1. Other Side, fine but meager. We tapped 360 trees and only have about 19 gallons of medium-amber grade syrup canned. We’ll be pulling taps this weekend. Compare that to last year when 354 trees produced 110 gallons of syrup. On the plus side, there were puppies this year.

  3. @ZB: True, still I was curious about the syrup. An aside: Either of you familiar with the German group Triimverat? Their album, Illusions on a Double Dimple, still ranks as one of my favorites.

    1. I’m not familiar with them.

      Thanks for the heads up, though. I’m going to check them out.

    2. @ Other Side

      I liked Triumverat. Of what I listened to, I think I like “The March To The Eternal City” the best.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      As I listened to it, Kraftwerk came to mind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-G28iyPtz0)

      So, I listened to it. Then I ended up listening to “Alien Nation” by another “average” German band (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg6lQxpdgLI&ob=av2e)

      It’s kind of a trip to look at where you start a YouTube journey, and where you end up. Anyway, in the interests of time, I had to end this particular “journey” with The Scorpions.

      Thanks for pushing me in a very cool direction.

      1. Kraftwerk, and whatever the album was that “Autobahn” was on was a part of my “road trip” kit. Funny, as I was listening to it, I was back in my Fiat in the 70’s heading up to the Sierras to see my college girlfriend.

        Other albums in the “road trip” kit ? Whatever Marshall Tucker Band albums, “Take The Highway” and “Can’t You See” were on.

        Man, I LOVE music !

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