Sen. Tom Coburn is dangerously close to being a complete moron (VIDEO)

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma on Wednesday, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn said President Barack Obama was getting “getting perilously close” to the constitutional standard for impeachment.

Sen. Coburn’s comments about President Obama coming close to the constitutional standard for impeachment came in response to a question about holding President Obama accountable.

Watch for yourself:

Not surprisingly, Sen. Coburn did not give any concrete examples of how President Obama had committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” that would rise to the level of impeachment.


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5 thoughts on “Sen. Tom Coburn is dangerously close to being a complete moron (VIDEO)

  1. Coburn, a medical doctor, known as “Dr. No” in the senate should stick to delivering babies rather than delivering falsehoods.

    Surely, as a Southern Baptist Deacon, Coburn should know that Jesus said Satan is the “father of lies.”

    Calling Coburn a “moron” may be an insult to morons.

  2. When Colburn stood on the senate floor and said “Our veterans have enough already” Right after voting down the third veteran jobs bill that was it for colburn. Mr Ron johnson of wisconsin voted NO as well. Johnson stood right next to colburn as he spewed this steaming pile of horsechit !!!!!!!

  3. When dealing with morons, you’re almost assured of sounding like one because you have to get on their level. Coburn is far from a moron. He uses the classic strategy of putting his contingency in crisis mode but leaving a path to redemption possible. He is obviously familiar with the subjects he speaks about. Compare his answers with those of Paul Ryan. Referring to this man as a moron is what brings to mind the emoprog who fears real rational competition.

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