Where Are the Birthers When You Need Them!

Interestingly enough we find junior Texas Senator Ted Cruz in exactly the predicament that the birthers tried to place President Barack Obama. Senator Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother. He even has shown the birth certificate to prove it.

Even ignoring his current dual Canadian and American citizenship, he clearly is UNqualified to run for President of the United States under the US Constitution. Why aren’t the birthers on all of the news shows? Why are the Republicans still entertaining him for a 2016 bid? Donald Trump…where are you?


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2 thoughts on “Where Are the Birthers When You Need Them!

  1. Shh. Don’t get them riled up. Ted Cruz as the nominee would be a gift of epic proportions. It would make Goldwater and McGovern look like close calls. To the ramparts wingnuts!!! Cruz/Paul ’16!!

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