4 thoughts on “Bob Marley Sings for Treyvon Martin and Other Victims of Racism in America

  1. This is the kind of overblown, media bated Liberal group think that is abhorrent to me. If the media had first published the 17 year old photo of 6’2″ hooded Martin instead of the 12 year old school boy portrait, we’d have never heard more about crucifying the pudgy little mislead do-gooder that fearfully shot him.

    1. I have wondered if the baiting by the “liberal media” (which is owned and operated by very wealthy people) was a GOP plot all along. Even if there was no baiting at all, the Liberals’ self-righteous indignation has proved to be wildly successful in blotting out all evidence of just how incompetent at all matters large and small that this years GOP candidates are.

      I’d like to think that we’ll learn from our mistakes of 2010, but I fear that OH LOOK A SHINY BAUBLE!!!

  2. BTW it must have been quite a feat booking Bob Marley, seeing as he’s been dead for well over 30 years now.

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