War on Women, War on Gays… Romney Shows his Colors

In this video shared from Towleroad, good old boy Mitt lisps as he says he’ll take the pink one and then gives his snarky laugh to accompany his hateful little impersonation. I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising from a man who donated $10,000 to the National Organization for Marriage in a successful effort to rescind Proposition 8 in California. This obviously is chump change for this flip flopping hypocrite given his bet with Rick Perry earlier this year.


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3 thoughts on “War on Women, War on Gays… Romney Shows his Colors

  1. The GOP “wars” against inanimate objects (e.g. “war on drugs”) is bad enough. When we have real people dying in a real war (thank Obama it’s no longer two wars), this fad of using the word “war” in such a cavalier fashion is disgusting and immoral.

    1. That’s right, if you say so, no women (nor their children/families) will be harmed by dreadful legislative policies aimed at rolling back equal rights wage protections or health care accessibility. These are NOT real people in a real war, fighting for their lives against aggressive repression. I feel so terribly sorry that MCM’s truthful articulation of a concept has apparently so shaken your linguistic sensibilities.

      Enlighten all of us on what you would call it so nobody offends you again.

      (read, sarcasm MM)

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