Debates, debates…..everywhere debates!

Earlier today Democratic State Rep. Kelda Roys sent letters to the three other Democratic candidates in the race to replace Rep. Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd Congressional District proposing a series of 7 debates to be held across the district from late June through early August. In her press release, Rep. Roys said, “Primary voters in the 2nd District face an important decision in this election, and I believe that all of the candidates have an obligation to present our records, our values, and our vision to the voters,” adding, “These debates will offer each of us the opportunity to discuss the issues important to the people we seek to represent in Congress.”

In related news, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett has accepted four debate invitations, while issuing a challenge to Republican Gov. Scott Walker to participate in each of these events to defend his failed record on jobs before the people of Wisconsin.

While there’s been no word on whether Gov. Walker will accept the invitation to join Mayor Barrett for four debates prior to the June 5 recall election, I’d love to see him defend his record of job destruction in Wisconsin since being inaugurated as governor.


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