Republican Thugs – If Only the Left Was As Civil Edition

It is getting hard to keep up with our "Republican Thug" series, So I will start combining a few stories in each post. Here are the latest:

1. We will start out in California, California libertarian and Tea Party darling Jules Manson is caught calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama and his children.

The following is the text of Manson’s racist, treasonous, deplorable post:

“Assassinate the f—– n—– and his monkey children”

Manson posted the disturbing and openly racist call to assassinate Obama and Obama’s children on his own Facebook wall, which was open to the public. Manson, a Ron Paul libertarian, was angry with Obama over a policy matter.

Manson then had this post on his facebook page:

The Secret Service gave me a visit. Agents Corey, Andy, and Stephanie were very pleasant with me. They must have had 30 questions. They listened to what I had to say and I even consented to a search of my home and vehicle. They even sat at my computer to see what I had on there. I cooperated with them and was fully honest with them because I have nothing to hide.

Of course the “tea party” hero has nothing to hide, he is a hate filled ignorant racist that h is and let the whole world can see.

2. More recall petitioners were attacked.`

I’m not sure what would have happened to Dave alone on the corner if we had not arrived. I know what happened to me: My winter coat was ripped. My camera was destroyed. My hand is badly bruised and hurts like hell. The police left after taking all of our stories, and the three of us went back to the intersection to retrieve our signs so as not to leave litter. As we walked back, a wizened old man came up his front walk and let us know how happy he was we were hurt, and how much he hated us. He drooled positively fecal invective. Another car whizzed by and gave us the finger. Earlier, a man in a passing car slowed down and pantomimed shooting at Angela with an imaginary rifle. This is life in Walker’s Wisconsin. I don’t see it getting any better real soon.

3. Two men(term used loosely) were arrested for spitting on recall petitioners:

Two Barneveld men were arrested Saturday in Iowa County for allegedly spitting on people gathering signatures on petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Timothy Peterson, 28, and William Peterson, 55, were taken to the Iowa County Jail on tentative charges of disorderly conduct, according to a news release from the Iowa County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident was reported at 12:12 p.m. Saturday in the village of Arena.

Deputies found the two men at a business in Arena and made the arrest. The report said both posted bond and were released from jail.

How nice! It appears it was some Father/son bonding time. I wonder if they have a Nativity scene up in their yard?



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4 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – If Only the Left Was As Civil Edition

  1. Some of this sounds a lot like what many of us were exposed to in the early years of protesting the Iraq war. Not fun.

    Walker should make a statement calling for statewide civility from his supporters. He was an Eagle Scout, after all.

  2. In my opinion, Walker will not denounce thuggery for two reasons. He wants to keep the support of the more rabid, and he doesn’t want to insult them. Also, he needs his supporters to go to the polls, and angry people are more likely to do that.

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