AG to Walker: you must follow federal health care law

In response to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s vow not to implement the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has said Gov. Walker must follow the federal health care law.

Wisconsin was one of nearly 30 states that sued the federal government over the law, alleging that it was unconstitutional. After Thursday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, those states will now have to comply with the provisions of the law. Van Hollen, who handled Wisconsin’s participation in the lawsuit, has said Gov. Walker is obligated to follow the law according to its deadlines.

In a tangentially related story, Republican Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico on Thursday refused to support a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, citing the provisions that allow coverage for dependents until they’re age 26 and the ban on denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions as two of the good parts of the ACA. Watch for yourself:


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8 thoughts on “AG to Walker: you must follow federal health care law

  1. They should all say that. If you have even had to contemplate purchasing health care with all the “wonderful” choices, you realize something had to give. The idea that health insurance won’t cover people with prexisting conditions is just insane. Anyone not covered by their work is screwed basically and this plan helps somewhat. Not enough, but better than nothing.

  2. I love this. When your own guy is saying “dude, it’s the law” you would think you would rethink the knee-jerk reaction. Walker is going to get huge pushback from hospitals and insurance companies. They need to get going on implementation (most already have.)

    Funny story – my idiot aunt was complaining that the ACA will make us “like Canada” and her premiums will go up. Big prize to the first person who can tell me what is wrong with that scenario.

    1. Why would Walker worry about pushback from insurance companies? The law was practically written by them, and they’re going to make a huge killing. I mean, fortune.

  3. Be very careful here. I seriously doubt Van Hollen is being the cautiously correct, law abiding AG by so advising Walker. It’s far more likely to be a political stunt of some sort. Van Hollen is as lock-step a Republican as the little tyrant himself. It is only to wonder what the real agenda is. Be vigilant.

  4. I’m not sure you’re using that word right. Here, let me help you…

    Tyrant: Someone who would use force to compel others to buy something.

    “The power to tax, is the power to destroy.”
    – Daniel Webster, with Chief Justice John Marshall concurring

  5. So many laws are being broken in the WH, at DOJ, SCOTUS, and at DHS-
    The feds do not follow immigration law, any any other thousands.
    The feds deliberately sell guns to foreign criminal/terrorists in violation of the law.
    There is no need to follow federal health care law. There is no law.
    WROL. Without Rule of Law.

    Now, it’s just “might makes right”, and what can they get away with. One of the final stops for the Tories, just before our forefathers threw off those leeches who were eating out their substance.
    History may not repeat, but it rhymes.

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