People power propels Lori Compas to potential victory

The first time I met Lori Compas was in December of 2011 at a monthly OconDems meeting. I’ll never forget how excited we all were to shake the hand of the woman who had the guts to even attempt to recall Scott Fitzgerald. None of us knew what to expect at that point, but we knew Compas was “of the people”, so we threw our support wholeheartedly behind her and never looked back. Her can-do attitude reeled us in, her capability kept us there. And now, she’s going to finish just as strong as she started.

This past weekend, Compas’ army of volunteers hit the pavement for one last push in her bid for senate. According to campaign staff, “hundreds of volunteers spoke with thousands of voters” across District 13.

It appears that momentum has been on Compas’ side, as more and more voters find out exactly who she is and what she stands for: government transparency (not breaking open meetings law to push controversial bills through), true accessibility for ALL residents, and a focus on education, jobs, health care, equal pay, and voting rights.

“Voters in the 13th Senate District have a clear choice…I believe they will stand on the side of open, honest government and choose a Senator who will be their voice in the Wisconsin State Senate,” articulated Compas in a statement on June 4.

Compas is also proud to have signed a Clean Campaign Pledge, which stated that she would “run a clean, issues-based campaign” and “refrain from attending fundraisers outside the state.”

Fitzgerald did not sign the pledge.

“It is unfortunate that Senator Fitzgerald refused to sign the Clean Campaign Pledge,” said Compas. “He said he would run on his record, but instead he has chosen to run from it.”

Lori Compas reiterated her desire to bring an end to the Walker/Fitzgerald “divide and conquer” methodology and instead get to work on the issues facing residents of District 13.

“From Fort Atkinson to Mayville, from Columbus to Iron Ridge, I continue to hear that people are tired of political games and divisive tactics,” she said.

“I’m proud that we’ve run an issues-based campaign with strong volunteer support,” Compas said.  “All along, the power of this campaign has been the people behind it,”

Here’s hoping people power will propel Lori Compas to victory.


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2 thoughts on “People power propels Lori Compas to potential victory

  1. I believe Lori’s bid to recall Scott Fitzgerald, Walker’s chief enabler, is as at least second to the recall of Scott Walker if not first.
    The Fitzgerald Klan from father to sons in support of Walker is an abomination considering the payoff. I am consoled how future Wisconsin history will record their questionable ethics and false Christian conscience; that is, denying “Rerum Novarum” asserting workers have a basic moral right to form, join, and be represented by collective bargaining.

  2. It still seems unlikely that Compas will win, though I sure hope she does. She has run an amazing campaign, compared to Fitz, who barely lifted a finger.

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