What Would it Take?

Seriously, what would it take for the Stand with Walker crowd to abandon their “hero?”  I’ve struggled with this question for some time now.  What would Walker have to do to get them to see him for who he is?  Let’s face it, he’s got the following record:

  • He has the worst Jobs Record in America
  • He oversaw corruption while County Executive
  • He’s lost 10,000 businesses
  • He has a legal defense fund
  • He has two high-priced legal mouthpieces
  • He’s been obstructing the John Doe investigation for two years
  • He’s the most dishonest governor in America according to PolitiFact

I think transvestite comedian (comedienne?) Eddie Izzard has the answer:  Scott Walker would have to impale babies on spikes to lose support from the enthralled masses. And even then, I think they’d figure out a way to excuse it since he impaled babies and not fetuses.


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4 thoughts on “What Would it Take?

  1. Fuck no it’d be a new blood sport. In this atmosphere people have lost all facilities of sound reason. It’s like watching die hard Bills fan place bets on their hometown heros before the fourth super bowl. You knew they did not have chance but you stick to your misguided guns.

    Seriously, in a republican debate a crowd affirms they would prefer someone faceless die in respone to a lack of proper extortion errrrr insurance. I can see it now “how do we save our children from debt?” We sacrifice them like some lunatic Aztec wannabes.

  2. Through its media empire and the Religious Right, the GOP has created a captive audience that sees personal identity (racial, religious, regional, class) as synonymous with the GOP. In other words, the Republicans are their “tribe” and they back their “tribe,” right or wrong.

  3. What would it take for the Stand with Walker crowd to abandon their hero? I suspect only an act of God will rattle their faith because isn’t it belief that keeps them affixed to Walker and the GOP? It isn’t reason, evidence, conscience, or concern for their fellow Americans. A burning bush might convince them that they are being led astray, maybe the Michigan waters parting, or a distraction for their adulation – like the appearance of Monty Python’s Brian, whom they could chase and glom onto instead of Walker. But short of Moses himself presenting an 11th commandment chiseled in stone and etched with the words “Thou shalt forsake Scott Walker” I doubt the Stand with Walker crowd will walk away. To abandon Scott Walker is asking them to abandon their entire belief system, and that is a complex feat not easily accelerated.

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