Only at the Journal-Sentinel: The Equivalence of Unequals

Only at the Journal-Sentinel would you find Nikki Haley, the corrupt and unpopular Tea Party governor of a small southern state sharing the lede with former President of the United States, Bill Clinton who remains incredibly popular despite all efforts by the hate right to destroy him during his tenure in the White House.

This is just another example of a bizarre political equivalency run amok in Wisconsin.

Ridiculous… Just ridiculous.  But hardly surprising considering who the MJS endorsed.


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1 thought on “Only at the Journal-Sentinel: The Equivalence of Unequals

  1. What’s also telling is the venues being held. The Walker/Haley one is at an ‘invitation only’ plant run by a campaign contributor. The Barrett/Clinton rally is open to the public at a city park.

    All the GOP has is Astroturf, and the Journal-Sentinel’s false equivalency game has damaged their brand beyond repair. They have to be taken down, regardless of what happens on Tuesday. A Barrett win cannot let the J-S off the hook for their obvious leanings

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