Scott Walker celebrates the Fourth by rockin’ the male equivalent of “mom jeans”

Ed. Note: This has been edited because sometimes I’m a big dummy.

Witness the hot mess that is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker:

While Emily Mills wrote on Facebook, “I don’t know what to be more offended by – the terrible, tacky flag shirt…or the pleated-front pants,” I’m not offended. Am I amused? Absolutely! I think it’s hilarious that Scott Walker left his house wearing such a hideous outfit.

Seriously…those pants look like the male equivalent of “mom jeans,” and in case you aren’t familiar with what “mom jeans” are here’s a little something to refresh your memory.

Have a great Fourth everyone!


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18 thoughts on “Scott Walker celebrates the Fourth by rockin’ the male equivalent of “mom jeans”

  1. Repulsive as he is, it’s a minor relief to see he can don something other than his standard trousers and blue dress shirt. All that said, the getup is still tacky to the max.

    And it appears that the mouth is vacuously open as in all the other photos of him. Some things never change.

    1. Actually, the blue dress shirt was standard attire for the likes of 9/11 terrorist Atta. So there you go.

  2. Additional: He will look much better in the orange wardrobe he’ll be wearing when he takes up his new career in sheet metal stamping and reflective coating systems technology.

  3. I LIKE pleated pants. They are hard to find in my tall size, and I buy every one that fits. If we wish to be above the level of the GOP stupids, stick to issues. Someday, there’ll be progressive squares that you’ll want to support, and they will dress like schoolmarms and masters. Lay off the fashion attacks, and stick to policy.

  4. “I think it’s hilarious that Tonette let Scott Walker out of the house wearing such a hideous outfit.”

    I too think his outfit is hilarious….but why is it Tonette’s fault? Men today are free to make their own fashion statements. This was part of the “Men’s Lib Movement”. Men are able to make their own choices about their bodies.

    1. Thank you! As a woman with virtually no fashion sense, I refuse to accept that it’s my responsibility to make sure my husband is presentable when he leaves the house (and actually, he’s much better at assessing such things than I am), so it really bugs me when people blame the wife for what the husband’s wearing. This entire fashion disaster is on Scott Walker and Scott Walker alone.

  5. This is the most issue-focused blog site I’m aware of that deals with Wisconsin politics at the present time. A good job is done here, overall.

    Walker is a career buffoon, which could be construed as an issue in itself. Despite the fact that he’s acutely aware of his image at every moment, he fumbles it time and again. We are merely having a bit of fun with that.

  6. Well you all have it wrong. Obvious his BFF’s timmy russell and brian pierick helped him get dressed. Ya know, they were at the brat N beer love-fest too, grillin’ some of those tiny skinless wieners to share the love.

  7. Just for fun, I offer U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Section 176(d): “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.”

    What say the Greek chorus?

    1. I remember the time when conservatives would gleefully have a person wearing a shirt like that locked up and charged with desecrating the, flag.

  8. There is no consideration of flag etiquette anywhere in politics unless someone you oppose is burning one in protest. The of course it’s a high crime even though protected by the First Amendment. During the 2008 campaign Sen. McCain was autographing flags which is also a violation, but I was told to mind my own business when I brought it up.

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