Why is Mitt Romney hiding money overseas?

Yeah, this graphic pretty much sums up how hard Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has worked to hide his money in offshore accounts.

Now why would Mitt Romney need so many different offshore accounts to hide money in, and why won’t he disclose how many millions of dollars are hidden in those accounts?


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12 thoughts on “Why is Mitt Romney hiding money overseas?

  1. …because, obviously, he’s a corporate “bought and paid for” moron..complete with visible puppet strings, being pulled by his “handlers”…this idiot can’t even string 2 coherent sentences together…

  2. Like accountability, taxes are for the “little people.” When was the last time someone from the 1% was jailed for income tax evasion?

    Zach, really appreciate the topic and fine visual. Makes it real clear.

  3. Why are all the people and businesses leaving California?
    Lefty gov’t is harmful to Middle class and steals their wealth.
    So people must move and hide wealth from gov’t.
    The tighter they squeeze, the more the economy moves out of their control.

  4. sofa,

    The tighter they squeeze, the more the economy moves out of their control? Control over the economy? Is that what you mean? Step out of your fantasy ideology world and into the real world, sofa. Just how does “government getting out of the way” exert any control over the economy? That’s the Conservative mantra is it not? That’s the principle behind small government is it not? Do explain how “non-interference” exerts control over the economy. Do explain how doing nothing exerts control over the economy.

    You’ve got a few non-sequiturs dangling around there in your comments. Do fill in the blanks for all of us. There isn’t anything preventing the private sector from creating jobs in this country except aggregate demand. Our economy continues to sag due to massive layoffs in the public sector. Public sector diminishment is Conservative policy, Conservative strategy, and Conservative ideology. Go look at some real data about taxation levels and economic growth about which party historically has levied the highest taxes. Look at the real world, sofa. Look at the historical relationship between taxation levels and GDP. Go get the data. Look at the period the middle class flourished and noodle out why the middle class flourished. Go get the data. Take a look at when stock markets historically peak – is it under Republican or Democratic leadership? Go get the data.

    If you are going to conflate nondescript middle class wealth and unspecified business profits with Romney’s individual wealth, make your case with credible data and reason it out. Until you do, you’re spouting propagandist barbs. Conflating the three of them only draws unsubstantiated conclusions with no premises.

    Look at what little Romney will release about his tax plan for the nation – the tax burden falls on the poor and the middle class – it’s trickle up economics. It’s wealth redistribution and the direction of theft is from bottom to top. If you’re going to lay the charge “stealing from middle class wealth” via over-excessive taxation then direct your criticism in the proper direction. That would be Romney’s tax plan.

    Better yet, though, maybe try engaging in critical thought. Try active thinking instead of passive believing. Taxation is not stealing. Read some history. Read the Constitution.

    If the Romneys had even a smidgeon of patriotism or even a remote love of country they wouldn’t have shady tax shelters all over the world. They’d pay their taxes. Taxation is not stealing. Paying taxes and loving to pay taxes is what true patriots do. Go study Benjamin Franklin.

  5. Frankly, I’m more concerned about Obama plans to do with my money that what Romeny does with his own money.

    1. I would think 3.5 years in the White House would be a pretty good indicator of what President Obama is all about…he’s no where near as opaque as Mr. Romney!

  6. Do you really believe this guy’s “facts”. Check out your own “facts”…and while your at it, check out where Clinton puts HIS money. Give me a break. Stop posting BS and bring out some real facts . You are a perfect example of the people who voted for Obama…LEARN SOMETHING BEFORE YOU POST!

  7. “you’re facts”…. your the type that would call me out and not believe an innocent error lmao

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