County Supervisor David Bowen endorses Nikiya Harris

Yesterday the campaign of Democratic State Senate candidate Nikiya Harris announced County Supervisor David Bowen had endorsed Harris’ campaign to become the next State Senator in the 6th State Senate district.

Here’s Bowen’s statement.

“Her tenacity and endurance to work for the interest of working people inspires me every day. I am proud to endorse Nikiya Harris for Senate District 6. This is a critical seat where Democrats will have power to counter the Walker/Koch brother agenda, which does not help a majority of our working residents access good public education, health care, funding for transit, and elderly and disability services,” issued Bowen in a press statement.

Supervisor Bowen also made clear that although he worked with them to support “Get Out the Vote” efforts during the recall, he does not stand with the Unity Caucus of Black Elected Officials.

“After the election I ceased attending these meetings where the focus changed to efforts to spread divisive information to the black community to vote for candidates based on their skin color and not merit, character, and vision to increase the quality of life. Any document created and passed out to the public that has my name is support of such backwards and community-deteriorating ideology is false. I never gave consent to anyone representing the Unity Caucus to use my name for such activities or endorse any candidates the Caucus or their leaders are endorsing.”

Bowen’s statement regarding the Unity Caucus of Black Elected Officials seems to dovetail with what I’ve heard about certain African-American caring more about preserving the status quo (i.e. their jobs as elected officials) despite their general lack of substantive legislative/policy accomplishments on behalf of the constituents they were elected to serve.


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2 thoughts on “County Supervisor David Bowen endorses Nikiya Harris

  1. IMHO, the, “incumbency-protection rackets,” are an equal opportunity scam enabled by both parties. GOP claims to be against “job killing government regulations,” but always caves to Big Pharma’s money when it comes to legalizing marijuana. FWIW, I would never encourage anyone who does not have a serious illness to use pot, but the “prohibition,” of it generates about 60% of gang revenue and deprives local governments of jobs and tax revenue. It provides easy revenue for privatized prisons and needlessly increases pressure up and down the law enforcement supply chain.

  2. China’s paper producers, which compete with Wisconsin’s use hemp. Hemp’s illegal, because it’s related to marijuana, and it has other economic benefits beyond paper.

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