Does Eric Hovde support Planned Parenthood? He’s not saying

With just five days to go before the Wisconsin GOP Senate primary, you’d think voters would have all the information they’d need to make an informed choice. You’d be wrong. Believe it or not, Eric Hovde has yet to state his stance on women’s rights. On Thursday afternoon, legislators called him out on it.

From State Representative Chris Taylor via WisDems:

“Eric Hovde has admitted he doesn’t have a clue on women’s health issues and it’s time for him to get a clue and let the people of Wisconsin know where he stands on rolling back women’s access to important preventive care, turning over women’s health decisions to their bosses and defunding Planned Parenthood,” said State Representative Chris Taylor. “He needs to specifically indicate whether he supports access to birth control or not — Wisconsin’s families deserve the right to know exactly where he stands.”

Indeed, all of the other candidates have made their positions crystal clear:

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has said that he’ll “get rid of” federal funding for Planned Parenthood, preventing millions of women from accessing breast and cervical cancer screenings, annual exams and other care they need to stay healthy. U.S. Senate candidates Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann and Jeff Fitzgerald have also taken the same position.

Hovde, a self-proclaimed “devout Christian” has yet to take a position on defunding Planned Parenthood.

And we still don’t know how Hovde feels about the Blunt Amendment, legislation that would let employers refuse to cover any health care service based on their religious or moral beliefs. Additionally:

In Wisconsin, the Blunt Amendment would repeal women’s contraceptive rights approved by the Wisconsin Legislature by gutting the Pay Equity Enforcement Act.

Remember when Hovde was in West Bend and he was asked about the Blunt Amendment and his response was, “I don’t know enough about the Blunt Amendment, but let me deal with my 100% pro-life.  I’m a 100% pro-life, I’m a 100%, I’m a Christian.” In case you missed it, I wrote about it (audio included).

The other candidates have been upfront about this issue:

Romney, Thompson, Neumann and Fitzgerald all support the Blunt-Rubio amendment which would turn women’s health decisions over to their bosses. It also could limit women’s access to everything from birth control to the HPV vaccine to STI screenings.

These are important issues, and voters must know the stances of ALL the GOP candidates before making an informed decision, including those of Eric Hovde.

Rep. Chris Taylor summed it up best:

The Republican candidates for U.S. Senate will debate tomorrow in front of a statewide audience and Wisconsin voters will go to the polls in just five days so they deserve nothing less than knowing where Eric Hovde stands on women’s health issues.”


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4 thoughts on “Does Eric Hovde support Planned Parenthood? He’s not saying

  1. Isn’t that part of the job Mr. Hovde, to be aware of issues and answer questions? both in your campagin and in office. Do you want the job?

  2. Mr. Hovde, Why would you as a “devout christian” force women with their familys into poverty, depression, poor health, ect.. ? Would you choose exactly the same for your daughters, as you would for others? If not why the double standard? Do you remember the bible verse, Do unto others as you do unto yourself. and Mr. Hovde I ask this a lot no one has an answer. what is your plan, as a 100% pro life backer to pay for the new baby boom? education and health care are expensive, much more than birth control. Do you plan to neglect the children????

  3. “I don’t know enough about the Blunt Amendment, but let me deal with my 100% pro-life. I’m a 100% pro-life, I’m a 100%, I’m a Christian.”

    How many logical fallacies did you count in that nugget?

  4. As Mr Hovde is getting my vote I do hope he supports the rights of the child over the decision of a women to murder it, I also hope he supports the Blunt Amendment which continue the separation of Church from state

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