Guest Editorial – Lisa Theo for State Senate

My name is Lisa Theo and I am running for Wisconsin’s 12th State Senate District. After watching legislators and bureaucrats in Madison put their needs ahead of the priorities and values of the citizens of Wisconsin, I decided to run for senate. My diverse background makes me the most qualified person to represent all of us here in the Northwoods, and my widespread support makes me the person most likely to win in November.

I have been married 27 years and am the proud mother of three adult sons. While the children were young, I returned to school earning my college degree from UW-Eau Claire – the first person in my family to do so. I am currently an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I teach in the geography and geology department. I have taught at the university level for 12 years. Previously, I managed women’s clothing stores, worked in the food service industry, served as a legislative aide to a state senator, ran a home childcare business, and had a home business designing and constructing original wedding gowns and bridal accessories. My experience with both the public and private sector, as well as my experience as a small business owner will help me bring all of our voices to Madison.

I have spent the last four months earning the support of constituents throughout the 12th State Senate District. I have also earned endorsements from: Former Senator Russ Feingold, AFSCME Council 40, AFT-Wisconsin, AFL-CIO, the Oneida County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, and WEAC. I am proud to have all of them as partners in this campaign.

Respect of our environment and respect for each other are just a few of the values my parents taught me here in the Northwoods while growing up. We are so fortunate to live here. But, we cannot take our resources or our people for granted. When elected I will protect our water, woods, wildlife, and workers. I will work to attract good paying, long lasting jobs to our area that won’t harm our environment.

I make my home on Lake Nokomis, which is near the proposed mine in the Town of Lynne. Although I know we need the minerals, I will work to maintain our current mining laws. These laws require that mining companies prove that a similar mine has operated and been closed for 10 years without damaging the environment. Have we asked the companies thinking of mining the Lynne deposit if they can prove their operations are safe? Are we ready to face the environmental and economic consequences if we damage our wonderful Northwoods? Are we moving too fast?

Since April, I have traveled the district meeting people and gaining support. I have received numerous endorsements, including the support of Oneida County Deputy Sheriffs Association. Members told me they liked my “balanced approach to gun ownership.” I know that hunting is not just a sport in the Northwoods, it is who we are. I have seen first-hand the effects that a good hunt can have on our citizens through the eyes of my 80-year old father. As a boy, he spent many hours hunting (as well as fishing and trapping) in these forests to help feed his family. Although he has fewer mouths to feed today and only hunts for sport, I know many people use the wildlife of our Northwoods to keep their children healthy.

We need new faces in Madison. We need legislators who will communicate with one another to advocate for the things that matter: jobs, education, and our environment. We need legislators who will listen to their constituents and won’t be afraid to stand up for the interests and values of those of us North of Hwy 29. We need independent voices that won’t just follow the party line and “rubber stamp” a party agenda.

I am that new face and that independent voice, and I would appreciate your vote on August 14.

Lisa Theo
Candidate 12th State Senate District


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