Foxconn Water Usage Pegged At 7 Million Gallons Per Day

The City of Racine who supplies water to the Village of Mount Pleasant, is requesting Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources input on increasing their water extraction from Lake Michigan by 7 million gallons per day. The water is intended for use at the Foxconn plant that is being built in Mount Pleasant. Racine currently gets 17 million gallons of water from the lake each day. Mount Pleasant returns waste water to the city where it is cleaned and returned to the lake.

The linked article from JSOnline (aka The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) reports that the plant will lose 2.7 million gallons each day through operations and evaporation and 4.3 million gallons will be returned as waste water. Now the math gets a little hazy because they say the water will recycled. Which to me means they only need 2.7 million new gallons of water each day.

Of course we may not be getting the whole picture here because if we go back to news articles from last year during and shortly after the initial negotiation period, there was talk about 10 million gallons per day and 15 million gallons per day. So all of a sudden 7 looks pretty reasonable right? But if they are recycling the 4.3 million gallons…and need 7 million a day are they actually using 10 – 12 million gallons at any given time in the plant.

Now this is all important to the DNR and Racine discussion and I am not going to pursue the actual numbers any further…since for me beyond what is in the media it is conjecture on my part.

BUT – this should be proof that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his brat pack in Madison got completely snookered on this deal. Foxconn almost had to locate here. How many sites were they looking at that could provide them with 7 to 10 million gallons of water each and every day? Anywhere else in the Midwest? The Southwest? California? The East Coast? Pretty much had to be a Great Lakes state with manufacturing expertise and a gullible governor. Yes?


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1 thought on “Foxconn Water Usage Pegged At 7 Million Gallons Per Day

  1. Yeah, Wisconsin was sure in gullible state to open itself up to the Foxconn. 10-15 million gallons/day, so what?, it’s just a number that we don’t seem to have any sense of.

    We may have manufacturing expertise, but why should we continually pooh-pooh ourselves while comparing us with other supposed wonderful places? Rather than being mealy-mouthed about Foxconn, why not try to put the blame on where it belongs, and call it for just the albatross on Wisconsin that it is?

    If Wisconsin has any sanity left, Walker etc. should be voted out, so they could go to the private sector, where bribery is just part of business. Let’s hope Walker will be forced to move elsewhere, where he can magically guide them into oblivion.

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