Walker Administrator Lands Another Plum Position

Long time associate of Governor Scott Walker, Cindy Archer, just garnered another major promotion in Madison. Ms. Archer not only was promoted but is earning…oh…like $27,000 more per year than her predecessor.

Archer started this week in the new job as chief information officer for the State Public Defender’s Office, which is managed by its own board and is not under Walker’s direct control.

Archer will make $113,027 a year in the job, a hefty increase over the $101,121 that she had been making in her previous job with the public defender’s office and more than the $86,278 that her predecessor had been making.

A spokesman for the office said that the IT director’s position had been underpaid in the past and that the governor’s office played no role in awarding Archer the job and the accompanying raise.

“The state Public Defender’s Office is an independent state agency and has delegated authority to approve this personnel transfer,” Randy Kraft said in an email. “The agency made this decision independently, and solely based on the business needs of the agency.”

Well independent decision or not…sometimes perfectly ethical moves still seem questionable…well…just cause.

But on another tack…as an IT professional of over 20 years, I’ve worked for a lot of IT managers, directors and CIOs. Not just any administrator can handle those jobs. They are pretty skill specific and I don’t see anything about Ms. Archer actually being qualified. Just sayin’.

UPDATE: It only gets better!!!

Archer was not one of seven candidates who interviewed for the job, nor one of two finalists forwarded to State Public Defender Kelli Thompson and her deputy Michael Tobin, department spokesman Randy Kraft said Thursday. Earlier this week, Kraft told the State Journal he was not authorized to disclose that information.

“Although the State Public Defender and Deputy State Public Defender were impressed with the qualifications of both (finalists), the final decision recognized the importance of Cindy’s hands-on knowledge and experience with the agency’s aging technology,” Kraft said.

Read the article, now they are backtracking and touting her ‘IT’ experience. YIKES>


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2 thoughts on “Walker Administrator Lands Another Plum Position

  1. She knows where the bodies are buried and the secret e-mails are stashed — isn’t that qualification enough?

  2. We tried to inform the public of Walkers long range plans before the election, and during the recall! I am beginning to think because he spoke words which many un-inform voters were impressed by, they said to themselves “Oh! I’ll vote for him. Now we can have dis-honest people making in excess of $100,000 in our State government!

    In addition, Walker can sell much of the State owned public utilities and other State owned property to the Koch Brother as their pay back. Privatizing everything State owned that may help the middle class, so his wealthy buddies get their return on investing in him.

    Come on Wisconsin, WAKE UP, he’s running us into the poor house!

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