Back to the Future: Walker Runs on What Might Be Instead of What Has Happened

Scott Walker plans to hijack Doc Brown's Time Machine!

In a truly bizarre campaign strategy, Scott Walker is travelling into the future to campaign on a prediction since he certainly can’t run on the devastation he’s actually caused in the present.

MADISON — Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s administration said Thursday that its new revenue projections show the state will finish the 2011-2013 budget years with a surplus rather than the deficit predicted earlier this year.

The projections were based on stronger-than-anticipated personal income growth last year, Walker officials said.

The numbers, which are highly suspect, come not from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, a non-partisan operation, but from Walker’s own Department of Revenue which, in true Kathy Nicklaus fashion, just happened to plan on finding money in the future that Scooter can use in his campaign today.  Imagine that!

What’s curious to me is how the revenue numbers can go up when the tax base continues to shrink at the same time they’re claiming they’re reducing taxes without reducing services.  As usual with Walkernomics, the number simply don’t add up (unless you make them up!).

When the Legislative Fiscal Bureau reviews the numbers and concurs with the Department of Revenue, then I’ll believe it.  But until then, this is just another desperate attempt to use whatever means necessary to cling to power.  Walker is getting quite desperate.


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2 thoughts on “Back to the Future: Walker Runs on What Might Be Instead of What Has Happened

  1. This is, of course, due to the fact that Walker’s base has shown it will believe any lie or half truth spoken by Republicans opposed to taxes and “Obamacare.” With limited money, Democrats can’t directly renounce the lies specifically one by one. That’s why Democrats must show that Walker always attempts to serve his agenda the EASY WAY. With secret packs, attacking the most vulnerable and selling irreplaceable assets with devastating environmental consequences.

  2. It’s sort of the flip side of the big lie about Act 10 “saving” jobs. Sure, the district or municipality might save a little money for 1 year, but it’s far less than what the state cut in the first place, so THEY END UP WORSE OFF. Just because the cut in services, salaries and jobs are merely awful instead of disastrous doesn’t make Act 10 at all excusable.

    This budget lie is par for the course from the Walker folks, brought to you by the same folks who gave you “$7.5 million in Capitol damages” written on the back of a cocktail napkin. Pathetic desperation move.

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