Supreme Court Race Endorsement: Judge Rebecca Dallet

It may be something of a surprise that I am endorsing Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet in the Supreme Court primary this coming Tuesday February 20, 2018. Yes she is not the most liberal and not exactly an openly Democratic candidate despite speaking at last year’s Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention.

But being the most moderate in the the group is a plus for me. Yes the current Wisconsin Supreme Court is unbalanced and heavily conservative…and yes we need new justices on the bench to moderate the court…but I don’t think electing a full blown liberal is the best route to take.

I also like that Judge Dallet has been a judge for more than a few years…has already won elected office…and that before joining the circuit court was a lawyer in a variety of other positions in the criminal justice system. To be effective on the current court…I think we need some real courtroom experience.

Her opponents are Madison attorney Tim Burns…the professed liberal who is a very successful corporate attorney. I feel that he could be a divisive factor on the court and I am not comfortable with his experience as a lawyer.

Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock is the avowed conservative in the race. He was a defender of Governor Walker’s attack on public unions, was appointed to his position by Governor Walker and is endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Now, whom ever you support in the race…remember to vote this Tuesday!!

Wisconsin Supreme Court primary on Feb. 20 will leave just two

And the candidates web sites:

Judge Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court

Burns for Wisconsin

Judge Michael Screnock for Wisconsin Supreme Court


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7 thoughts on “Supreme Court Race Endorsement: Judge Rebecca Dallet

  1. How can you call your blog, “Blogging Blue: Blogging Liberal in the Badger State,” when you are endorsing a moderate candidate who is at best lukewarm about liberal issues. Tim Burns is a professed liberal. Last time I checked you don’t get back to moderate on a conservative court by electing moderates. That will only get you a less radical but still conservative court. I am a progressive liberal. I will hold my nose, but I can accept a centrist moderate court unless I can get a liberal one, but a right of center conservative court isn’t much better than a conservative court. Vote Tim Burns if you want real change.

    1. I had tactical reasons for voting Dallett, because she’s a much better matchup vs that NRA tool if he advances to the General Election. And the one thing we CAN’T have is that toolbox winning and keeping the Court screwed up and crooked.

      But if Burns AND Dallett advance? Then I’m all for going big and going Burns. And if we VOTE IN BIG NUMBERS, that is what we’ll get. Make it so.

  2. She is far more experienced than Burns, and she is a goddess compared to Screnock. I’m crossing my fingers that our choice will be Burns and Dallet. I don’t think either of them are bad choices. It might be better if Dallet wins because I believe the Big Blue Wave coming is largely fueled by woman and woman’s issues. If not I know I’m not voting for the Walker appointee. Let’s make sure we get someone other than NRA Screnock when the time comes. Look forward to seeing you post before next election.

  3. I am supporting Rebecca Dallet now because Tim Burns did not make it to the General Election in April. Hopefully Dallet will win and stand up for peoples constitutional rights.

    1. AJ, if you are doing it, then I’m doing it too. Do we Blue voters in Wisconsin really have a choice? Thank goodness that this time I am happy with this choice. Not only will she be a moderating voice on the bench, she will be a commanding authority with a depth of experience that rivals the most experienced judge on the Wisconsin Supreme Court today.

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