Rhymes with Amage Control….

The right-wing Cheddarsphere has already started doing damage control for the upcoming recall elections. Not just the fiasco that is David Vanderleest, but the very real possibility probability that the democrats will retake the Wisconsin Senate. Dave Hansen should cruise to an easy win, heaven help the United States if he doesn’t. (On a side note, it was fun picking on DV at first but now I feel sorry for him. Someone needs to get him the help he needs before someone gets hurt) As Shown says:

The only thing that a Hansen victory will tell us is that the voters of the 30th don’t want to be represented by VanderLeest.

While many voters in the district appreciate VanderLeest’s efforts in the Hansen recall effort, the problems in his personal life are simply too numerous, too troubling, and too recent for many voters to consider sending him to Madison.

Here he outlines the two problems with the current republican party, of which I do not see an out for them.

1. They have no problem releasing the crazies to do their bidding but can never control them in the end. It did not start and end with David Vanderleest, but also Brent Levi Harrell, Dan Baltes, and even more extreme people like Jim Adkisson and George Roeder are just a few names on a big list. The republican party uses them but cant control them and it ends up biting them in the end.

2. Secondly, they have no “bench”. When you have to run candidates like Vanderleest and Kim Simac, you are basically conceding the elections. Look at the talent that ran in the 48th Assembly district, compared to the candidates the republicans are running. It is not only their “bench” but also their main players who are lacking in talent and credibility. There are only so many spoiled rich kids or doctors wives who are willing and able to run.

Looking at it objectively, does anyone really think that Randy Hopper is half the candidate that Jessica King is?

Shown is right in the Hansen/Vanderleest race will not tell us much about the policies of Governor Walker. It will however speak volumes about the state of the two parties right now in general.

As for the how the state feels about Governor Walker and his policies, dont just listen to the polls, pay attention to the republicans themselves. Would they need to rush such a highly partisan ridiculous redistricting plan through if they had the state behind them? Would the yhave needed the most restrictive voter ID bill in the country in a state that has a history of clean elections? Would they need to use the tunnels and back doors to buildings and events if they had the will of the people behind them? Would they need to limit public debate on their bills if their bills were wildly popular? Well you get the idea…


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  1. I think what the results of this election shows is that there is a very good chance that the recall against Hansen was done fraudulently!

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