Paul Ryan slams President Obama for not saving GM plant closed under George W. Bush

This is absolutely hilarious…

Paul Ryan slammed President Obama on Thursday for failing to rescue an auto factory in his Wisconsin district — one that closed in 2008, under President George W. Bush.

The latest attack highlights the complicated politics of the auto rescue for Ryan, who was one of only a handful of Republicans to vote in favor of the 2008 bailout that President Bush signed as a stopgap measure to prevent the industry from going under.

“I remember President Obama visiting it when he was first running, saying he’ll keep that plant open,” Ryan said in Ohio Thursday, describing the shuttered GM factory in Janesville, Wis. “One more broken promise.”

While Paul Ryan wants to blame President Obama for the closure of the GM plant in Janesville in 2008, if he wants an elected official to blame for what’s happened in Janesville, perhaps he should look in the mirror first. After all, Ryan has been representing Janesville in the House of Representatives since winning his House seat in 1998, and when Ryan was sworn into office in January 1999 the unemployment rate in Janesville stood at 3.8%, while last month Janesville’s unemployment rate was 8.9%.

The fact is, when it comes to assigning blame for the economic woes of Janesville, Wisconsin, Paul Ryan should be among the first to accept blame for the plight of his constituents, After all, the true measure of whether an elected official is deserving of another term in office (or a promotion, for that matter) is whether his or her constituents are better off now than when that elected official was first elected. In Paul Ryan’s case, his constituents are absolutely not better off now than they were when Paul Ryan was first elected.


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