“Tea Party Tommy” has officially replaced the “Boy From Elroy”

Yeah, I think Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson’s conversion from a reasonable Republican to a Tea Party extremist is now officially complete.

A key figure in Gov. Scott Walker’s election victories is going to work for Tommy Thompson’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Thompson announced that Keith Gilkes, a former aide to Walker and Walker’s campaign manager in 2010 and during this year’s recall election, has been named campaign manager for the Thompson campaign.

No doubt with Keith Gilkes running Thompson’s campaign we can expect Thompson to condone a campaign full of negativity and smear attacks against Tammy Baldwin, given that seems to be how Gilkes prefers to operate.


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4 thoughts on ““Tea Party Tommy” has officially replaced the “Boy From Elroy”

  1. That’s assuming Keith (It’s David Koch on Line 1) Gilkes doesn’t get charged in Walkergate before November. Gilkes has already shown up in the criminal complaints in that case.

    But given Tommy’s refusal to release his tax forms, it’s clear ethics aren’t going to be a priority for the old guy.

  2. This state is a goner. It is poised to elect Thompson, the very man who built the states deficit to Congress. All the while their party claims fiscal “responsibility” and “very serious” about dismantling Medicare. There are not enough reasonable people left in this state to fight the derp. You now live in Mississippi north.

  3. Now that they say they’re looking into Madison re the John Doe proceedings. Keith Gilkes abruptly left Walker’s office, going elsewhere with no explanation. Isn’t this the same Gilkes mentioned in emails that the John Doe investigators are looking into?

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