South Side Milwaukee County Parks “Unconference” Sept. 22

Milwaukee County Supervisor, park lover, and friend of the blog Jason Haas is taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the, um, how do you say it, unexpected departure of Sue Black as Milwaukee County Parks Director to host an “unconference” about the Milwaukee County Parks in and around his district.  This is happening September 22 (Facebook event page) at Bucketworks in the Walker’s Point neighborhood on Milwaukee’s near south side.  The event gets underway at 10 AM and, like any “unconference” (think BarCamp or EdCamp) starts with those in attendance setting the agenda for the day.

In the release announcing the event, Haas said he hoped “this unconference produces new ideas for how we can use our parks, and will spur folks into action to help make them even better. The people who use the parks likely have solid thoughts about how to best use and care for this important, community resource.”

So go, make your voice heard.


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