Paul Ryan is hard at work but his office isnt?

I understand that Rep. Ryan is busy running for Vice President and the House. But his office staff can’t handle the normal work flow through their office without him? All I can say is WTF?

And the text from Yahoo:

WASHINGTON—Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is taking a break from the campaign trail to vote on a government funding bill at the Capitol and, for the time being, his office is open by appointment only.

Just as the sign on Ryan’s door in the Longworth House Office Building promised, a Ryan staffer greeted Yahoo News after a knock on the door Thursday afternoon. She said Ryan was planning to vote on the House floor on the continuing resolution bill but had no further information about his visit. When asked if Ryan would stop by his office to greet his staff, she repeated, “We have no further information at this time. Thank you,” and closed the door.

The added security is understandable given Ryan’s new role as Mitt Romney’s running mate—he also now has Secret Service protection wherever he goes—but the office closure is atypical of the way House offices operate under normal circumstances. The congressional office buildings that surround the U.S. Capitol are fully accessible to the public. Most offices, including Ryan’s, traditionally encourage visitors to walk in unannounced. Some members even hand out free goodies, such as orange juice from Florida, Coca-Cola from Georgia and cheese from Wisconsin.


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2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan is hard at work but his office isnt?

  1. This fall is special because we can use it to “kill two birds with one stone”: Defeat Romney/Ryan and un-elect Congressman Ryan.
    Congress is pretty much on vacation, so what’s with all the security measures? It’s not like they’re really busy. Maybe they’ve got some secret info about terrorists being outside their office, or something.
    I worked in D.C. for several years in the 1990s, and even Newt Gingrich didn’t pull this kind of crap then.
    I think the Republicans are sweating this time around.

  2. It’s simple: Ryan doesn’t want to face his constituents. Those who would take the initiative to visit their representatives’ offices would certainly be among the more informed and articulate of citizens and might ask hard questions. Ryan and his staff know this. In this day of electronic devices that can record audio and video almost anywhere without being obvious, it has become necessary for dissembling polititians of all stripes to guard against becoming caught in any type of exchange that might prove embarrassing and have the potential to go “viral.”

    Note that Scott Walker’s appearances throughout the state of Wisconsin are never announced ahead of time. Whenever he appears at some local industry or some rally or other photo op, it makes the news that evening or the next day. Same reasons: Capive, friendly audience; no potential for embarrassing questions.

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