FBI executes search warrant at home of top Walker administration official

Earlier today roughly a dozen federal agents executed a search at a home owned by Cynthia Archer, a top official within the administration of Rpeublican Gov. Scott Walker. It’s been speculated the search of Archer’s home is related to an ongoing “John Doe” investigation in Milwaukee County related to possible illegal campaign activities by members of then-County Executive Scott Walker’s County office. Until recently Archer was the Deputy Secretary in the State Department of Administration, but she had served for several years as the Director of the Milwaukee County Department of Administrative Services during Scott Walker’s tenure as Milwaukee County Executive.

During their search of Cynthia Archer’s home, federal agents were observed taking pictures and removing a large box, which was placed in the trunk of an FBI car.

The search of Cynthia Archer’s home by federal agents is the top news story in Wisconsin today, but it seems pretty clear this story is far from over. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see former Walker administration official Tom Nardelli’s name mentioned in some way, shape, or form in relation to this story. You’ll remember Nardelli also served as Walker’s chief of staff during part of Walker’s tenure as Milwaukee County Executive before being named to a high-ranking position position within Gov. Walker’s administration.

Despite the fact that the raid on Cynthia Archer’s home is a huge story here in Wisconsin today, Wisconsin’s conservative blogs have been largely silent on this story.

  • Real Debate Wisconsin? Silent.
  • Badger Blogger? Silent.
  • Lakeshore Laments? Nope, nothing there.
  • “Fairly” Conservative? No mentions there either.

  • Wigderson’s blog? Nothing there either, but he did email me to explain that he’s holding off until more information is available.

No doubt if Cynthia Archer were a top official in a Democratic gubernatorial administration (say, Jim Doyle), the conservative half of the Cheddarsphere would be breathlessly posting blog entries about the likely corruption within the administration while attacking Democrats, yet when the shoe’s on the other foot, those folks are quiet as church mice.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As has been pointed out by a commenter, at least one conservative blog (Boots & Sabers) has addressed this story.


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21 thoughts on “FBI executes search warrant at home of top Walker administration official

  1. And Christian Schneider is working on a story with “inside sources” that they have the wrong house, and cynthia Archer was helping an old lady cross the street at the time.

  2. FWIW – no mention of Boots & Sabers (which though it might piss you (or Owen) off, I’d consider the closest thing to a conservative analog of this site).

    Not only has Owen posted on this, but had actually posted the other day about her taking a different job – Walker Aide Lands Softly. Though typical of Owen, not a lot of direct commentary in his post, he did say that it “smells to high heaven.”

    I have to wonder if the previous post was just a coincidence or if perhaps he had some inkling that something was coming…

    …just went back & checked – looks like his post was shortly after yours.

  3. The Walker administration never ceases to amaze.

    Here’s a question for legal scholar Rick Esenberg.

    If Governor Walker is convicted of illegal campaign activity do we still need to recall him to get him out of office?

    Just askin’.

  4. Heard a pinging in my ear and I see I was mentioned here. Sorry Zach, was busy with my brothers doing things related to tonight’s Brewers game since 4.

    I’ll probably have something tomorrow.

  5. A search warrant was executed Oooooooooooooo.

    I intended to wait until, ya know, we knew something.

    By the way where is your report about Jimmy Hoffa Jr and his civility on Labor Day?

    Where’s your outrage at Congresswoman Moore not having any town halls and charging $17.50 to ask her a question at a luncheon?

    Where’s your story about Lena Taylor calling for a boycott of a Wisconsin business?

  6. Fred,

    waiting until we “know something” has never stopped you before, for instance your fake outrage at Jimmy Hoffa Jr. The nerve of him saying we should vote out republicans.

    By the way how many of Congresswoman Moore’s constituents has she had arrested?

      1. I’m glad to participate, although I make it a point to only read liberal blogs after at least three people forward it to me, and even then, I usually pass. So, maybe I’ll stop in sometime in the future… Or not.

  7. who has no sense of humor? I think its hilarious that you think the democrats havent had any wins this year. i also think its hilarious that you are so desperate to protect the gov and his unethical minions that you keep drudging up the Capper story like its even remotely comparable. I also think its hilarious that the whole right wing cheddarsphere, for the first time ever, is all “lets wait until we get the facts on archer”.

    Also if you could get me a picture of Vos just after the beer was dumped on his head, i would probably break a rib laughing…

    and you say we have no sense of humor….

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