Turmoil Around That Pesky Mueller Report

It’s amazing how much anguish, hand wringing and shouting is going on around a report that only a half dozen people have actually seen. Attorney General Barr’s ‘summary’ is all that we actually have to go on so far…so how can there be so…so many opinions and calls to action?

Well the House passed a unanimous bipartisan bill to have the full report made public. That was before it was even released to the AG. According to his summary there is little damaging evidence in it. So after he finishes redacting it…for items related to on going investigations…or grand jury testimony…it should finally show up in the Amazon new releases bin.

But whoa, wait a minute. Is there something damaging in it? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put the kibosh on even considering it in the Senate. He shouldn’t have seen it yet so what’s he know that we don’t? Release it Mitch so we can all know!

Of course the White House is claiming full vindication, yet even the AG says not so fast…maybe there’s no ‘collusion’ but we’re not so sure on obstruction. But if the president is so sure he’s cool…release the report!

And then Politifact went all dreamy today announcing what the Mueller report says and doesn’t say. Well I call bullshit…their coverage is actually what the Barr memorandum says the Mueller report says or doesn’t say. Fake news!

And now Senator Lindsey Graham wants to investigate the investigation…slow down! He hasn’t seen the report either…so although he’s tip toed around whether it was illegal or not…he still thinks the FBI was abusive. Senator, don’t waste anymore time or money on this. You are sounding more desperate than the Democrats…and you may not like what you find…if anything at all.

The Democrats in the House will certainly continue to investigate the president…and they should be provided with the Mueller report…to keep them on track and avoid wasting time and money on dead ends. Hopefully they can keep their eyes on policy in the meantime.

But the Mueller report should be made public as soon as possible. Just because they didn’t find criminal activity that they could prove beyond a responsible doubt doesn’t mean there wasn’t any criminal activity. And just because something isn’t criminal, doesn’t mean the activities and situations described in the report are palatable to the American voting public. Good, bad, indifferent, or meh…the report should be released before fall sessions start so we can all be the judge of that!


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