Mass Media Has Taken To Harassing Robert Mueller Now.

My local paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ran a story on the front page of today’s print edition about the Mueller report. The article was written by staff writers from USA Today, their parent company. Included in the article, fortunately in the continuation on page 8, was a photo of a ‘thoughtful’ Robert Mueller and his ‘obviously annoyed’ wife coming out of church yesterday. So it’s gotten to the point that we harass people coming out of church? What exactly were you thinking USA Today? Oh goodness, I hope you weren’t shouting questions at them…he can’t really say anything more anyway. Yikes. And you couldn’t have used one of the thousands of file photos you certainly have in stock by now?

And then of course there was a companion piece on the front page covering the president’s reaction to the release of the Mueller report and the attorney general’s synopsis for Congress. It too continued inside on page 9. But apparently you weren’t able to capture a photo of the president and first lady coming out of church to balance the page. They apparently outsmarted your wily reporters despite traveling every where terrestrial in a huge motorcade. So you had to ‘settle’ for an animated president waving around his ‘big hands’ on an airfield populated only with black Chevy Suburbans. How lacking in human interest can you get?

No worries…it’s only fake news.


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